Poem / Poetry – A Poetic Duet With Tammye Honey – “Screen Chemistry”

“Saturday night at the moooovies!”

“Today’s Tuesday, lamewad!”

………”Tuesday night means 2 for 1 pizza deals!……with a movie!”

“Hey, now that’s more like it!”

Hello lovers of fun and all other things fun shaped……hey you, stop messing with my balloons! Thank you!

Tammye Honey is back in the house and this time, we’re cooking up something a little different for you.

Anybody here like movies? The Silver Screen? Le Cinéma?

Daily Prompt – Silver Screen

Well, this poem is just for you, so take a look and lose yourself for a while.

Because that’s what life is all about – sitting quietly in awe, whilst being seduced by the actions of your screen heroes and heroines.

And popcorn.

Oh, baby….pass the butter!

Screen Chemistry

Screen Chemistry (by TooFullToWrite & Tammye Honey)

Seeing you up there, big as life itself
A hero for the masses, impeccable
You make me want to be all that I can be
Embodying a truth right through the screen

I feel each word you speak
Cry with every tear you shed
I feel the path beneath your feet
I feel the hat upon your head

Your way with words, subtle turns of phrase
Never fails to amaze, amuse and engage
Stepping in the shoes of enigmatic characters
Allowing me to escape life’s dull patches

Heading toward a path unknown
Into the horizon or twilight zone
Every shadow lurks a surprise
There you stand a gleam in your eyes

With you I learnt how to love, fear and hope
Cope with emotions when company was remote
Try out new things way beyond my own means
Appreciate the value of telling fascinating stories

You have paved a path of delight and despair
Laughter, crying and fright filling the air
Each scene a stage in your made up life
There are times when it feels like we’re man and wife

Oh, how I really would love to whisk you away
We could rewrite history, you’re my perfect fantasy
An ideal partner, if ever one could be found
You’re low maintenance when the curtain comes down

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7 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – A Poetic Duet With Tammye Honey – “Screen Chemistry”

    • Thanks for the award Will – always very much appreciated. I really need to start acknowledging all of these things. I will also see if I can get the ball rolling for a poetry collaboration this weekend too. Stay frosty my boy – be in touch again soon!

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