Poem / Poetry – Duet With Tammye Honey – “Hitting The Right Flavor Notes”

Hello everyone – how are you all doing?

Looks like we’ve got a 2 for 1 special going on tonight, with another collaboration coming to fruition and cooking up a storm!

May I introduce Tammye Honey, a sweet, entertaining lady who decided to do a duet with me around the theme of cooking, since her blog is stuffed to the gills with delicious recipes.

Check out her Cooking Blog here:-


Yes, I do love a tasty bit of grub, so this duet practically had me foaming at the mouth and drooling at the opportunity!

[Don’t joke with a hungry man!]

Tammye participates in WordPress Daily Prompts, Poetry and Stories here:-


Finally, Tammye also sells fragrant scents and tupperware, so she has a lot going on in her world to stimulate and ummmm…percolate?



Yes, maybe the last one, food is very exciting after all!

So, who’s hungry? OK then, get ready for our culinary composition – come and get it!

Hitting The Right Flavor Notes

Hitting The Right Flavor Notes

(by TooFullToWrite & Tammye Honey)

Senses stimulated by far-off aromas
Pleasant essence of life distilled
Storms rage, excitement bubbles
Taste buds tangoing to a tantalizing beat

Taking temptations to test one’s tongue
Creatively stirring a pot full of fun
Flavors and aromas the kitchen does arouse
For creatures stirring throughout the house

A layered journey, delicious adventures await
Artistic expression flourishes and shines forth
Colours, textures, transform and translate
A savory, arcane language understood by all

Is it sweet, or perhaps sour?
Something delectable one wants to devour
A tasteful dash of a spice or two
Which course will it go in the new brew?

Jumping in with all of our guns blazing
Can’t take the heat? Have a drink in the kitchen
Taking time out to enjoy the experience
Music but with different kinds of instruments

Clanging a pot, while stirring the mix
Having side dishes and what to pick
Decisions galore with a time crunch
Do we have enough food for the entire bunch?

Now we’re finally reaching a crescendo
Going all out gung-ho with our gumbo
Romantic notes linger in the saturated air
An epic performance played out on cookware

Such an evening planned with pure design
Candle light and music, all is fine
The tasty treats that are displayed
What fun in the kitchen, we get to eat what’s made!

Help Hastywords to celebrate her blogging anniversary – let’s keep the duets coming!


Want to do a duet with me?

You don’t need the operator, you’ve got the direct line, send me a comment and then we’ll make some rhymes!


9 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – Duet With Tammye Honey – “Hitting The Right Flavor Notes”

  1. Wow it looks so fulfilling in print. Hope that we helped with some craving appetites here. Thank you for the opportunity to share. Just send me two lines and I am game to cook, lol.

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  3. Another great tribute to Hasty. This was such a fun and creative process. Your duet with cooking metaphors made me hungry — heading to the kitchen to create breakfast. Thanks for playing, Alia

    • Alia, your comment has made my day, thank you! It was my intention to cook up a bit of fun with Tammye and it looks like we have succeeded magnificently. I appreciate you reading the poem and hope you have now satiated your hunger sufficiently (if not then you still have two more meals to go!)

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