Poem / Poetry – A Poetic Duet With Hastywords – “Perfect Imperfections”

Hello there, you gorgeous people of the realm outside of my house!

For today’s bit of fun, I’d like to present another poetic duet with the talented, versatile and prolific Hastywords.


For the record, this is our fourth duet together and if anything, the process simply keeps on getting more entertaining.

We used a Daily Prompt from Michelle W. a while back about imperfections, which you can find here:-


You may ask if I have any imperfections, amusing little idiosyncrasies or peculiar peccadilloes?

[Idiosyncrasies (Good Will Hunting)]

To which I will answer you. Yes. Yes I do.

My one and only imperfection is that perhaps I care just a little too much.

What do you mean you’re going to be sick?

Barf bags can be found behind your seat. That’s how much I love you – I snuck into your house in the middle of the night and put them there.

Please leave cookies next time. And a glass of milk, if it’s not too much trouble.

Now, let’s get cracking with this here conflaberation!

Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections (by TooFullToWrite & Hastywords)

You snore too loud in bed
A chainsaw to wake up the dead
I’ve heard bulldozers more melodious
But I still love you all the same

The way you chew your food
Seriously gets on my nerves
A cow chomps more gracefully
But I still love you all the same

Do you really have to slam that door
Hard enough to put my teeth on edge
I think that time, it came off the hinges
But I still love you all the same

OMG turn the volume down
The neighbors can hear you sing
I know the shower has cool echoes
But, sheesh I still love you all the same

You’re always a couple minutes late
Unless there’s some food on the table
You bolt to it faster than the Grand National
But I still love you all the same

Pacing, pacing, pacing back and forth
Back and forth, up and down, fidgety
Calm down, relax, you are driving me crazy
But I still love you all the same

Your perfect imperfections
Seem to be never ending
But as long as our love endures
I won’t be doing any jail time
Not over your scattered toenail clippings
But still…….grrrrrrrrrrr!


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11 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – A Poetic Duet With Hastywords – “Perfect Imperfections”

    • Well there you go, I certainly am blending in well on these projects! As for what would prompt a killing spree, I have often wondered that. I used to think it would be if I didn’t get a Krispy Kreme donut every so often but I’ve mellowed in my years and now won’t even begin to consider losing my rag, unless for example I’m trying to fix my Mother’s laptop computer, then all bets are off!

    • Hi there Currie, glad you enjoyed it. I’m always ecstatic when poems that I write (especially collaborative ones) connect with people and they can appreciate the similarities in their own lives. I’ve read your blog and you are a very decent person. With love, there is always hope, if you don’t find the right one to begin with, I believe that if you are full of love and give affection unconditionally to others then you will find the love you truly deserve. Thank you for reading and being part of my blogging community.

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