Poem / Poetry – A Poetic Duet With Julianne Victoria – “Shamanic Energy”

Hello, good evening and welcome to you all again.

Who’s hungry?

You. You! Definitely you. Ah yes you. And you waving the hand, who is that?

Oh wait, that was me all along, I’m standing in front of a mirror.

I need some fuel in the engine and some fire in my belly, so it’s time to get cracking with some energy driven poetry!

I have had the immeasurable pleasure of writing with the esteemed and lovely Julianne Victoria again. We summon many things in our writing together – the elements of life, mysticism, Greek Gods & Goddesses, thrilling things full of wonder, excitement and raw power to mesmerise and inspire.

Please visit her blog when you have time.


And now, enjoy the poem, I really hope it inspires you too.

The Elements

Shamanic Energy (by TooFullToWrite & Julianne Victoria)

My totem animal chants deep to my soul
Filling me with light, dispelling shadows
Energy is magical, neither good nor bad
Dedicate your life to healing those you can

Animal spirits and guides there be
Bears looking for me in my dreams I see
These guides for healers showing me
A new path to take, a healer to be

Drawing power from earth’s molten core
Feel the wind under my soaring wings
Warming my heart on the cleansing fire
Flowing like water, I can always begin again

Nourishment from Gaia brings new vitality
Movement from Aeolus lifts my heart
Hephaestus welds my strength renewed
As the Sirens call me into the depths of the sea

Sadness cannot corrupt or cloud my judgement
Anger can be controlled, powerfully channeled
No path or question that cannot be mastered
Destiny can be tamed, tailored, sculptured

Moirai tell only the fate of the limits in my mind
As Clotho I spin my own web, as Lachesis I measure my life
I can choose how the web of life is spun and
Like Atropos I can choose when the spinning is done

Limbo not an option, my purpose is now defined
Embracing shamanic energy, an infinite supply
Where once there were elements of indecision
I can conquer anything now, nothing is forbidden

Gods, goddesses, spirits, and animal guides
Earth, air, water, fire, and ether so sublime
All forms of energy with homage I put to use
To bring healing to all beings of this universe


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