Award Ceremony – The Shine On Award – Shine On Your Crazy Diamantes!

Well hello there.

It’s time to stop shilly shallying about and acknowledge some of these awards that you beautiful people have been festooning upon me.

Some comedy will be coming soon too in another post, so please bear with me.

Also, I’m not tackling my Oscar moments in any particular order, so if you’ve nominated me for other awards elsewhere, I will get round to you at some point.

I felt like doing the Shine On Award today, since my weather here is a bit miserable and I thought seeing this might perk me up a little before I resort to other more chocolatey or alcohol laced adventures.

Shine On Award

Ladies and gentlemen, my nominator for this award is Mr William Louison – thank you for your nomination Will!

Will is a super, exceptionally talented and versatile chap and has just launched his own separate poetry blog – a collaboration will be forthcoming shortly!

Messages – A Life In Poetry

Will also often blogs about his novels – he certainly is prolific and an inspiration to young and older writers everywhere, here is his other blog:-

All Means Something

I have also been nominated in the past (sorry Cambios for not acknowledging it up until now!) for the Shine On Award by Cambios De Humor ( Please follow her blog here if you would like to be entertained further with her stories and comedy:-

Cambios De Humor

I’m supposed to state 7 things about myself and then nominate this award to other, much deserving bloggers. Firstly, those seven things that you may not know about me:-

1. I live in the UK – I’m a Brit with a stiff upper lip and proud of it!

2. My favourite tipple is Rosé.

3. I’ve started a new job and you would not believe how tiring it is! Cafeteria lunches on two floors, donuts, sausage and bacon butties on a Friday, snack machines, drinks machines – what’s a foodie like me to do except stuff my face regularly? I’m supposed to do something else there, something beginning with “w” but I forget what it is now. Pass the roast potatoes and salad.

4. Hastywords got me hooked on poetry collaborations – check her blog out here and be amazed!


Send me a comment or e-mail if you want to play with poetry too!

5. I’m starting to write a novel and a proper separate full length screenplay too. Man can only live on bread and small written pieces for so long. It’s like when Kurt Russell started off in Disney comedies and then made full blown action movies. Actually it’s not very much like that at all but I love Kurt Russell and wanted to mention him in this post. As you were.

6. I’ve had two short stories published in my local paper, with another two coming out soon. I’m also working on an Anthology for my Writers’ Circle which should be available in less than a month, so stay tuned for that too!

7. I agree with Dolph Lundgren out of the film ‘Command Performance’ – “Dying is easy, (Comedy) and Rock & Roll is hard!”

And now for the nominations of some other fantastic, superbly talented bloggers who I admire and they inspire me greatly (even when I am not commenting as regularly as I would like to on their blogs). They are with making the world a much more interesting place. You should follow them, if you are not doing so already:-

JulesPaige –
Hazy Shades of Me –
Gatesitter –
Rebecca –
Russel Ray Photos –
Seyi Sandra –
Piaspurpose –
Chalkdustfairy –
Determined34 –
Prosemachine –
Harmony –

Thanks for reading and check out my comedy post coming soon to a theatre near you in the next couple of minutes!


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