Poem / Poetry – Poetic Duet Using Twitter With Myss Jaynie Kat – “A Touching Moment”

Hello peeps.

Another new experiment that I think you will really like.

I’ve teamed up with Myss Jaynie Kat this time round – the twist for this pearl is that it was written across Twitter, so it is really fast, raw and powerful.

We used the NaPoWriMo prompt of honesty and getting things off your chest to inspire us.

Hope you like it.

[Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps]

A Touching Moment (by TooFullToWrite & Myss Jaynie Kat)

Words left unspoken
A sting in their tail
Barbaric but comforting
Tongue bitten in denial

Never denial
Always hearts truth
Lips bitten
Lead to reproof

Scars run deep and rampant
Indelible, invisible ink
A shadow cast across the face
Masking pain and suffering

Truth’s passion heals
Though darkness tries
Souls touch and flare
Overriding night

Past catches up
But it is never too late
Dreams can all but consume
Feelings hard to translate

Dreams entice, excite, enlight
Words form the bridge
Then only touch unites
A truth forever in our sight

We brought our plane into land
Never thought that we could
Fly so high for so long but then
Life can be full of serene surprises

Serenity’s flight, thought becomes touch
Touch becomes one
A moment’s perfection beyond the night
As we gaze into each others eyes…


8 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – Poetic Duet Using Twitter With Myss Jaynie Kat – “A Touching Moment”

    • My usual method is one verse each by e-mail. Myss Jaynie Katt was on Twitter at the time writing poetry, so I jumped at the chance to write with her. Over the next hour, we then played Twitter tennis and wrote it until it was finished. If you would like to to do a duet you would be more than welcome, as my door is always open. You don’t have to do it by Twitter too (I appreciate the pace is pretty frantic), we could start one off by e-mail, all we need is a theme. I’m happy to start the ball rolling or you can start if you prefer 🙂

      • Ummm, OK – she’s says nervously! My poetry is a little old school and a lot rhymey but I will try. And yes, you push the ball and I will try to push it back and see what we get. Interesting. I will direct tweet you my gmail.

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