Writing Challenges From Readwave

Hello friends.

For any of you writers out there that would like more Writing Prompts/Challenges, I’ve been notified by Readwave of a new Weekly Writing Challenge.

For some of you, this will be a case of bringing out the champagne and the dancing girls.

For others, you may already have enough on your plate but if you’re like me, you won’t let that stop you.

Readwave is a platform to publish your short pieces of writing to gain a wider audience through people who read on their mobile/tablet devices (although the stories can still be read on a home computer).

Here are the details, hope you have fun with it – I’m on Readwave too (never hurts to post your work in multiple places), so you’ll be in good company!


ReadWave Launches Writing Challenges
London: 8th August, 2013

ReadWave has launched a new hub dedicated to weekly writing challenges. The weekly challenges are designed to inspire you with writing prompts, and to motivate you to sit down and write at least once a week.

ReadWave is a place for writers to share articles and short stories with the world, and is now home to tens of thousands of stories which are collectively read over 200,000 times each month.

The first ReadWave challenge asks: if you could be born in any year, past, present or future, what year would it be? The best entries will be posted up on the ReadWave homepage and showcased to the entire readwave readership, and the author will be interviewed on the ReadWave blog. Enter the challenge here.

Robert Tucker
Community Manager


6 thoughts on “Writing Challenges From Readwave

    • Thank you for the reblog Melanie – it will be interesting to see who participates! Since you keep the copyright on your stories, I wonder if I will enter the challenge this week and then post the result on WordPress too for good measure! Have a great weekend.

    • Great minds think alike Matt – I’d have to help myself to some of the champagne first as a little incentive to get writing – and then promise myself a load more when I’m finished! 🙂

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