New – Podcast Show – Apocalypse Soon

Apocalypse Soon

I’ve launched a brand new podcast show with my good friend and fellow writer Michael Robertson.

We aim for this podcast to be a Weekly Show that offers personal opinions and reviews of Books, Comic Books, Films and TV Shows around the genres of Sci-Fi, Dystopia & Horror.

Comments are welcome, we hope to evolve the show over time and make it a worthwhile listening experience for all.

Feel free to listen to the episodes and like our FaceBook Page at:-

Apocalypse Soon

Please note that these podcasts are for mature audiences only – there is the odd bit of swearing (albeit briefly) and the subject matter tends to be quite dark – we are reviewing items with 15 and 18 certificates.

The episodes are available free and can be downloaded at via the links on our FaceBook page, with the option to be able to listen to the episodes on iTunes too – here are the topics covered in each episode:-

Apocalypse Soon – Episode 1 – 28 Days Later (Film)
Apocalypse Soon – Episode 2 – Wasteland (Comic Book)

Check out the Apocalypse Soon blog post page and my own posts for further updates – thank you for listening and your support!


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