Poetic Duet With Hastywords – Poem / Poetry – “Seafaring Scallywags”

One from the vaults, in honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day – a classic collaboration with Hastywords and one of my all time favourites! Avast ye landlubbers and come sample this booty, it be the best poetic treasure to be found around in this town by far, arrrrr!

toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

Hello everyone.

Hastywords and I have teamed up to give you another slice of poetry, this time inspired by the daily NaPoWriMo prompt of a Sea Shanty.

We have come up with plenty of great nautical/pirate lingo (Hastywords has done an amazing job). I’m very excited and proud to present this to you all, you are going to love it if you are a fan of Pirates of The Caribbean!

So grab your bottle of rum and let’s get cracking – Yo Ho me hearties!

Seafaring Scallywags
Seafaring Scallywags (by TooFullToWrite & Hastywords)

(First Mate)

Shiver me timbers lads, I’m really taken aback

The captain’s a female one and a good ‘un at that!

With treasure our pleasure, we all get underway

A shot of dutch courage to cast the demons away


Row, row, row, don’t ye dare go slow

The wrath ye feel from me whip

Ain’t nothing compared…

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