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Evening all.

(If it’s not evening where you are then may I suggest putting a bag over your head to recreate the experience? Actually don’t do that, I don’t want to get sued. Just screw your eyes up real tight and flick water on your face every so often to simulate rain. Very good, well done – when you’re finished why not consider a career in amateur dramatics?)

So, why are we here? I’ll tell you why and you can ruddy well like it to.

When a man loves a women very much and they’ve been dating for a while and he has bought her wine and chocolates, massaged her feet a little, they head off to the bedroo…….I’m sorry, what? Oh right, you didn’t mean that, it was just a figure of speech? I’ll have those chocolates back then. Thank you. Let’s go back to the beginning.

It’s WordCloud Wednesdays over again at WePoetsShowIt.com and guess who has been featured there?

Yes it’s me – yours truly! If it’s not too much trouble, try not to be too flabbergasted. Cheers!

If you fancy a challenge then why not go and take a look at the prompt over there and see if you can come up with your own particular piece from my blog post.

WordCloud Wednesdays – A Breath of Fresh Air

You can write a poem or even a Short Story using my words as inspiration or if you are feeling brave, you can do what I did in the previous WordCloud Wednesdays session and only use the words in the post.

(I really did it – check out this poetry post I made from a cracking story by Rarasaur here:- A Felicitous Word)

So, have a little pop friends, it is all just a bit of fun and if you fancy collaborating on a poem together with me then let me know!

The story that I wrote was about loss – how about some other posts that tie in with the prompt of “Loss”? Have a gander at the ones below by my talented fellow bloggers:-

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