Poem / Poetry – “Impulse” – “Embrace Your Impetuousness”

Welcome friends, fun lovers, facilitators, falconers and feral small children (aiiieeeeee, get him off me!)

Is he gone? Thank heavens for that. I may need to bleach my leg. OK, now where was I?

It’s poetry time you lucky people – prepare yourselves for another epic slice of poetry mayhem guaranteed to get your motors running.

This one is all about embracing the playful side of your character and going for it, taking life by the reins, acting on impulse, going with the flow and enjoying the present moment for all its worth!

Comments are welcome, hope you like it and thank you for taking the time to read it – it means so much to me and inspires me to keep doing this – you are the stars and you light up my life, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


“Embrace Your Impetuousness” by David Ellis

Acting on a shared consciousness
Neither of us can resist
Why play it safe in life
When everything is at stake

Moments should be seized
At every available opportunity
To establish who we are
Before we start fading fast

Love can be all consuming
Journeying deep from within
Indifferent yet compassionate
Fragile but with a heart of diamond

Embracing the beauty of all things
Sending every emotion to heaven
Animal instincts begin kicking in
Overflowing our senses to the brim

We all have our own drives
Lusts, desires and our reasons
Trying to hide what’s inside
Simply because we fear rejection

Yet to take one small step
Takes courage of our convictions
Drawing confidence from surroundings
Hope nurtured until it gives birth

Mother nature gave us the tools
To allow us to conquer all
The only challenge that we face day to day
Is to ignore our own suffering and humility

We can be everything
We’ve ever set out to be
As long as we act on our impulses
Before it’s too late

There are no mistakes
Just choices we didn’t make
Doing nothing isn’t a crime
But when romance is on the cards
Don’t hesitate to ask
And whether we sink or swim
At least we will die happy
At the world’s end of our time

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14 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Impulse” – “Embrace Your Impetuousness”

    • Thank you for your comment Ranu – what a wonderfully poetic way to express it. I do agree with you, so long as you don’t play it safe all the time, as you could miss out on many of life’s most interesting experiences and opportunities!

  1. I think there’s a song by Metric (sung beautifully by Emily Haines) that has a line in it that goes like this: nothing I ever had worth having came by playing it safe. I agree with her.

  2. Absolutely well written, evocative and inspiring. Caution should be exercised, but if one is truly following one’s spirit and soul, then that great leap of faith is a requirement.

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