A Poetic Duet With Alex Hicks – “Capturing Rapture”

Hello dear friends, it is I once again, how are we all doing?

Not so good? Well go open a packet of biscuits or something and come back when you’re in a better mood. You’re welcome.

Now then, I would like to share with you all another duet that I’ve worked on with a very talented young man and good friend of mine, Mr Alex Hicks.

Alex writes poetry on his blog over at Into Dawn (http://poetryfrommymind.wordpress.com/) – check this player out, he has mad, crazy skills, he’s a bad ass dude with a mean vocabulary!

This is the second collaboration we’ve worked on together and I hope to do many more with him, he is very receptive to ideas and has helped create another flowing piece that I’m sure you will all very much enjoy.

On this particular occasion, we decided to use the following Daily Prompt from those little WordPress rascals:-

Time After Time

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RITUAL.

May I therefore present our duet and you can dine on the words like a delicious banquet – comments are always welcome.

Couple by Muramasa

“Capturing Rapture” by TooFullToWrite & Alex Hicks

Making the first move, careful deliberation
Sacrificial pawns in this wayward game
Feel my heartbeat, as I take to the stage
Counting reluctant steps until I see your face

Step by step, the playful mating dance
Elusive, yet in this moment, divine
Entrances you and draws you near
To my tender grasp, adoringly entwined

Seduction rituals have now started
The hunter has become the hunted
Clock is ticking and the race is on
Electricity coursing through our veins

A spark of madness rages forth
A moment of insanity
This tango is old, that we conduct
Yet each time feels just like the first

To capture your rapture
Nurturing feelings of grandeur
The stakes couldn’t get any higher
Try as I might, can’t quell this fire

It burns and it rages, flickering flames
Again and again this feeling untamed
Desire and fortune exist in harmony
Intensity and confidence act in unity

Acting out these states of the world
Watching as each beautiful one unfolds
Mesmerized by your subtle, spellbinding aura
Intoxication, until our lust is molten magma

A lover’s embrace closes the distance
The world crumbling away around us
Leaving nothing in the chaos but just you and I
As our passion satiates the hungry midnight sky

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