A Poetic Duet With Alex Hicks – “Silhouette of Distortion”

Well hello Mr Fancy pants…….I….oops, sorry, wrong e-mail, forget I said that.

Howdy everyone, it’s good to be in touch again and so soon after the last time – I spoil you all rotten (but you’re worth it).

My new and very good friend Alex Hicks has written a poetic duet with me and by jove, it is an absolute stonker!

Alex has a blog where he writes his own fantastic poetry, along with photos, quotes and musings on life, music and everything, so go follow him over here at:-

Into Dawn – the blog of Alex Hicks

So regarding this duet, we used the following prompt from those crazy prompting machines at the WordPress vaults:-

Daily Prompt: Mirror, Mirror by Michelle W. on January 22, 2014.

Look in the mirror. Does the person you see match the person you feel like on the inside? How much stock do you put in appearances?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us MIRRORED.

I think this one has a vibe very much akin to fighting our own internal demons, along with how we perceive ourselves and others around us.

Anyway enough of my yakety yakking – enjoy the poem and comments are most welcome.

(Haters can go soak your head or boil me an egg. Three please, soft boiled with some toast cut into soldiers would be magic please Mr Hater Sir, ta very much!)

People Shadow - Wikimedia Commons

“Silhouette of Distortion” by TooFullToWrite & Alex Hicks

A carnival for the soul, rampant silhouette of distortion
Glass shatters, razor sharp, mercilessly unforgiving
Tarnished to within an inch of life’s sacred essence
Misleading impressions, imposters full of indifference

Simple shattered memories, like a broken picture frame
A reflection of the past relived, a reflection of the shame
The lies we only tell ourselves, to ease the mighty blow
Life’s cruel twisted, torturous fate that we’ve all come to know

Love’s tender kiss cuts, echoing through onion skin layers
Fragile sea of ecstasy, illuminating strangers tiptoeing before us
What kind of creature will be conjured up today in this barren house?
Vanity vacuously, viciously, plays its deadly game of cat and mouse

One must question reality, as the eyes of thousands watch
The ears they listen closely, but they don’t hear very much
As waves and waves of strangers words crash upon the shore
If they succeeded or they failed, doesn’t matter anymore

Smoke hides what’s inside only for so long before it dissipates
Foggy veils now lift, delicately expose, frustrate then intimidate
To become comfortable in one’s skin can often take the course of a lifetime
Accept yourself and your perfect flaws then the mirror will no longer be a burden

The monsters we keep from ourselves that in our minds reside
Will ease their torment, fade to black, and vanish over time
The voices of the thousands, that echo each and every day
Will slowly lose their meaning with every word they say

Until nothing is left but the purest clarity
Radiating and driving forth in its singularity
Allowing us to be triumphant in the face of adversity
As we ultimately muse on forgotten misconstrued inadequacy

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11 thoughts on “A Poetic Duet With Alex Hicks – “Silhouette of Distortion”

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  2. I loved this piece and your humor at the start.. it always sets the ultimate stage, but now i was going through the comments and lol you both really hit it offfffffff… too many things i like about this single post 😛

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