NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “A Monster Of A Story”

Bless my cotton socks I’m in the news!

Hello everyone.

Welcome to NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) Day 28 and may I say you’re all looking great! (I can’t see you, so I will just have to use my imagination….yikes, put some metaphorical clothes on for the love of Pete’s sake!)

Where was I? Ah yes, here we go.

So the official prompt for today’s poetry gubbins can be found over on the website as follows:-

NaPoWriMo Day 28 – News for you to conjugate

The inspiration is to use a news article and to write a poem by misappropriating some/all of the words and mangling them until they resemble something lucid and reasonably intelligent (I’m doomed).

Here is the link to the original article that I used for this piece written by Oliver Wainwright at The Guardian newspaper, which is very entertaining slice of journalism about a number of skyscraper eyesores in the British town of London:-

The Guardian – Top 10 Worst London Skyscrapers

And now here is the poem. Also don’t have nightmares and do sleep well. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Scary picture prank of a big dog monster in form of an origami dragon. Author

“A Monster Of A Story” by David Ellis

An aberration, the shape of bulging glass
Unwelcome, steroidal bulk of a figure
Looming aggressively in the shadows, alone
A school bully expelled from the classroom

Dynamic, dramatic, silvery spine
Arrow slit eyes add depth and character
Drab grey totem pole face
Stitched back together the wrong way
Frankenstein in a melting, lumpen shell

Clawing at his inflated, purple back
Flies swarm to this compost heap
A visual nightmare for the senses
Silhouettes choked, all knotted, sinuous blobs

Shakespeare’s quills could not imagine
Sinister black and white stripes bursting
Across gaudy porcelain, midnight blue skies
An accidental nod to ugly, angular pinstripes

Painful proof that the fight has now been lost
Not content with an assortment of bloodlust
He turns on you, planning the extent of his wrath
Pushing, gnawing, twisting you to the broken cliff-face

The skies scorched with chaos and death
A forest of sticks and stumps
Knuckledusters punching at unforgiving air
Stubbed out like a cigarette, you tumble
Taking him with you though to the ocean below
Cast adrift, a piece that has lost its way
At peace now though, in a watery grave
A dubious accolade but the monster now slayed
Remembering not the beast but the battle itself


4 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “A Monster Of A Story”

  1. I’m glad you liked this one too Dawn, is was tricky knowing where to go with it, which is why I ended it that way, about it being a metaphorical demon even though it sounded like a macabre night terror that you might encounter after eating too much cheese before bedtime. I really adore how you ‘get it’ too, it shows you are making an effort to understand the thought process behind it, so thanks again for your heartfelt comment.

    • Lol How fascinating. Truth be told I am a cheese fiend, I adore the stuff and can’t be abiding with mild, the more mature the better. Cheese, biscuits and wine are the holy trinity, a combination of awesome that’s too brilliant for words other than nomnomnomglugnom.

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