NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “A Time To Reminsce”

Every time I say goodbye I cry a little
Every time I say goodbye I die a little
Every time I…..excuse me, I think I have a little something in my eye
I’m not crying really, I…fell into a puddle on the way here, OK? *sniffle* *blows nose for too long*

Hey there gals and guys.

Welcome to the final day of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month).

Thirty poems in thirty days – who would have thought it possible? (Seriously, not me if you had asked me at the start of the month). Yet here I am, having done 29 of the suckers, with the final one sitting tantalisingly in your grasp (not just yet though, let me bask in the glory for another minute or so).

Today’s prompt over at the website is to write something around goodbye and good luck:-

NaPoWriMo Day 30 – Bon voyage, so long and thanks for all the fish

I’ve therefore decided to write a poem dedicated to this brave adventure and a summary of all of the highs and lows encountered along the way – hope you enjoy it!

Wild Goose Island, a narrow, 300-foot-tall spire surviving in the middle of a lake carved by a glacier, is the most photographed spot in all of Glacier National Park. Author Jeremy Bronson

“A Time To Reminisce” by David Ellis

We’re going on a journey of self discovery, so take a seat
As we reminisce of the past month and of all the triumphs
Attitude without any hint of malice or spite, just confidence
Rocking the world, setting it ablaze with the very fire of the Gods

Searching for release as time flies, tempus fugit, scattered raindrops
Danny Dyer turns up in the classroom to drop some haiku science on us
Indulging in love poem duets with talented friends (Hello A Shade Of Pen!)
Social media and (no, seriously, I’m not kidding) how I look like Chaning Tatum

An ode to the ice maiden and how she is one smooth, seductively cool beast
Spontaneous instincts riding naked, feathers in the whispering breeze
Facing the music, finding the perfect crime, feasting on indulgence
Surviving a lightning bolt to the heart to remain courteous at all times

Treasuring a night to remember, leaving a twitching mugger in our wake
Celebrating Caturday, thanks to Arden and her amazing blog escapades
Hitting the jackpot, spinning humanity’s roulette wheel, life and growth
Exploring conundrums and pondering the answers to philosophical debates

Touching upon the strengths of connections and family in this digital age
Going to extraordinary lengths, telling some whopping great porky pies
Making sense of this crazy, sensual blast to the senses they call love
Taking time to travel indulging in adventures filled with wanderlust

Digging up the past and our ancestral roots with dangerous consequences
Running hot or cold all night, indulging in golden tastes of passion, intense
Declaring to a lover that they are the only light in this world that matters
Dipping into children’s fantasy as Dr Did Little talks and offends all the animals

Words so tender, seduced by the alphabet for a third magnificent date
Devoting ourselves to building relationships made of stone, making a spark
Chilling out on a Friday evening to indulge in more sardonically crafted haikus
Looking forward, no longer back, washing away all the tears of these wasted days

Seeking a new beginning for the poor soul who has lost his own bearings
Fighting a monster and how we deal with the demons within ourselves
Loving is somewhat unpredictable when you are a kitten of compassion
And now we arrive at this point in the saga of our long line of epic poems

This is not goodbye, don’t think of this as the end
TooFullToWrite – I’ve started, so I’ll finish
Let’s do this dance again soon and in the meantime
It’s time for me to get started on some wine and a packet of biscuits
Thank you, you’ve been a great audience!


21 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo – Poem / Poetry – “A Time To Reminsce”

    • They most certianly are 🙂 – thanks for reading Charlie and well done for making it to the end yourself too. I’ve now finally got time to start reading all of the wonderful poens written by people like you – I can’t wait!

  1. aww man how i love writing with you, reading you and talking to you– priceless ❤

    My heart is so muchhh fatter seeing my name up here ❤ ,3 ❤

    You're awesome.. super awesome.. awesome-r than a brownie 😛 😛 now, I know you know how fat that compliment was 😛

    • Thank you so much 🙂 This isn’t the end either, I do write poetry occasionally, so thank you for all of your kind words and interest and look forward to entertaining you again soon.

  2. Lol @ sassy – I tend to have tea and biscuits, with a side of wine unless I’m eating cheese and cracker biscuits, then the two fit together nicely. I wish I had saved up some bubbly to celebrate hitting the thirty poem goal. Yes, all hail NaPoWriMo for hooking us up and allowing me to sample your exquisite poetry, wit and charming humor 😉

  3. Bravo and well done! Certainly your pleasures are well deserved – especially since you kept us – well entertained but thinking too – and in so many styles! Awesome job David!

    • Hey there Charlie man, glad to hear from you son.

      Thanks for your praise, I’m glad you had a chance to take a look at my most amazing achievement to date! I’m doing some study for work at the moment but I will definitely check out your page again and comment where I can – your poems are always both entertaining and stimulating!

      Be in touch again soon mate, hope you’ve had a great weekend.


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