Poem / Poetry – “Sacrifice” by David Ellis

Good day to you all.

I’ve been dying to write a fluffy, off the wall poetic story piece and I threw this ‘Bombay Bad Boy’ together with the help of a prompt from over at The Reverie Journal (thanks again ladies!) and the antics of one Homer J Simpson.

Every Monday The Reverie Journal are cooking up these little prompt blighters, I’m finding that I just can’t help myself when Ole Betsy (me muse) is kicking up a storm and egging me on to write something for them.

The prompt specifically references burning denial (A Burning Denial), so I thought I would follow that concept broadly, cut loose and see what falls out from the monkey tree.

Hope you enjoy the flippant nature of this one, thanks for reading and comments are always welcome!

The Simpsons – Donut Hell

“Sacrifice” by David Ellis

That last bite of forbidden donut
So succulent and somehow yet
To push it away, it just seems so right
Dining on unconditional guilt
Although, I’d rather feast on the satisfaction
Of denying myself a gym membership

A Rolex watch shining with enough diamonds
To make the very sun itself jealous
Why would I not want one
To wave on my arm and rub in the noses
Of all the other peasants…I mean pleasant people
Even though I can tell the time
At church, at work and on my phone
I must have access to these status symbols
To feed my hungry updates on FaceBook
My hi-octane life can be so damn stressful

Hell, come to think of it
Why should I keep myself from having the latest TV?
With movie theatre speakers so magnificently loud
My neighbours would think I sold the land
To make way for an airport runway
Along with making a meeting place
For angry bikers and truckers to congregate
Revving their engines constantly

Speaking of denial though there was the time
That I could have bought a brand spanking new yacht
With all the luxury accoutrements
Egg timers, heated towel rails, drinks cabinet, the works
However, I went and passed this gorgeous thing up
I would have made an awesomely bad-ass pirate

But I bought medical insurance instead
Well to be honest, that’s what I told my kids
Shouldn’t have spent it all on gambling, fast cars and even faster women
Now I’m sitting here in this hospital room
Nil by mouth and they won’t even feed me grapes
I’d complain but they will take my bed away
Sometimes denial is quite literally a necessary evil
So I guess you could say that I’ve learned a valuable lesson
Say….I’ll give you fifty big ones if you give me that last piece of donut still kicking around?
If that’s not sacrifice, I don’t know what is
For my poor wallet at least
Why are you looking at me like that? Is there donut on my chin?

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15 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Sacrifice” by David Ellis

  1. I loved the whimsical poem post, the honesty is inspiring. When the Simpsons first came on A L-O-N-G T-I-M-E A-G-O my dad would not let me watch it. He said I needed a solid grasp of real life before I could find the Simpsons or any sit com for that matter comical.
    Thanks for the ping back.

    • *blushes* It was nothing really. Any news from Guinness Book of Records yet? If not might as well keep growing that post of yours until it is bigger than Batman, The Beatles and The Jesus (Lizard) combined

      • No, they got back to me… they have a record for the mot comments on a blog, but not on a single post… I did a post about this. We just need to get ten million comments in the next 11 years.

    • Hey there Franz. Thank you for reading and enjoying my piece. I’m glad that you got the humour, I do immensely enjoy writing humorous pieces 🙂 – I also left you little comment on yours, I though it was very deep, so well done to you – keep them coming!

  2. Pingback: Voting Denial | The Reverie

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