Poem / Poetry – “The Price Of Greatness Is The Price Of Responsibility” – A Relay Poem With Unassorted Stories

Hello everyone.

I’ve received a challenge from Angela, a fellow poet, writer and dear friend of mine over at Unassorted Stories.

Angela has asked me if I would like to partake in a relay poem that she has written over at her blog:-

Unassorted Stories – Please Protest Me – A Relay Poem

When I read her poem and the explanation behind it, I was moved to take action.

If you too want to participate and write something that is inspired by her piece or by my piece then feel free to link back to us both (I can help you with this, message me in the comments).

Your piece can be a poem, a story, a drawing, a song. It can be a reply, a lament, it can be critique, it can be anything you want, we would love to hear from you, so don’t be shy!

Let us hold our heads up high, we are writers, artists, creative types of the world and we can be heard if we let our words speak for themselves.


“The Price Of Greatness Is The Price Of Responsibility”,
a relay poem by David Ellis
(Inspired by “Please Protest Me” by Angela van Son)

There’s a war simmering behind the scenes
We are fighting it on the beaches every day
It clouds our hearts, minds, hopes and our dreams
Living vicariously on a crash collision course
Through misguided fear, loathing and jealousy

What causes people to pick up guns, knives and weapons
And claim it is all in the name of peace is beyond me
Stirring up a gamut of emotions both physically and mentally
A hypocritical stance to be taken in the extreme

There is no room for this type of behaviour
In a civilised society leaving behind the dark ages
If you have got a gripe concerning your beliefs
Use your hands and brain to write something
Work with the people that try to protect you
Laws are there for a reason, to not let us resort to raping and killing
Don’t justify your own personal suffering with violent expression
You will not be seen as a martyr but as a monster for certain

Courage is what counts and how we adapt to change
It’s what amounts to real currency in any debate
Often we need to learn how to sit down and listen
If we are to make any kind of difference
Honour, duty, justice, freedom, mercy and hope
These are the qualities that we need to show

There should be no desire to thrive on conflict
For without the constant pressures of humanity
We are merely empty shells, hollow vessels, zombies
To succeed we must do what is necessary
Shaping history and leaving a dignified legacy
The empire of the future needs to leave bloodshed behind
The price of greatness is the price of responsibility


6 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “The Price Of Greatness Is The Price Of Responsibility” – A Relay Poem With Unassorted Stories

  1. David, you’ve done this so well and so beautifully that I’m still searching for the right thing to say. I’ll stick to thank you, for now, until I come up with something better:

    Thank you!

    For accepting this challenge, for spreading it, for adding the beautiful button, and for writing such a relevant piece.

    • Hey there Angela – glad that you liked it, I wrote it from the heart 🙂 – by all means post it on your page, I would be honoured and happy for you to do so, please go ahead and thank you again 🙂

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