Just. One. Book.

Will you donate your book to this wonderful cause? I’m sending a couple of mine. hope you do too šŸ™‚

Throwing Chanclas

Just. One. Book.

I live in a town of 1200 people in the Northern Sierra Nevada ā€“where it meets the Cascade Range near Mt. Lassen National Park and about two hours drive northwest of Reno, NV. Ā Two hundred of that population isĀ students. Over the years as the population dwindled after mines closed, then millsā€“nothing except tourism and retirement have emerged as ā€˜industries.ā€™ Many businessesĀ have closed down and with it many things we take for grantedā€”like libraries.

The local junior/senior high school has not been able to purchase new books since the 90s. Some of the ā€œcheck outsā€ for old books are in the 1980s. There are no books by people of color in the library. Hardly any books by women are in the few book cases except your standard Austen and Lee. Itā€™s an uninviting place. There hasnā€™t been a librarian for nearly a decade. And volunteers werenā€™t allowed. Theā€¦

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