Author Interview – Melissa A. Joy – Keys of the Origin: The Scions of Balance, Book 1 (Aeldynn Lore)

Hello everyone.

For Tuesday’s treat in the Author Interview Series, I have the greatest pleasure of presenting fantasy author Melissa A. Joy, as she speaks to us about the fascinating realm that she has carefully and diligently crafted, along with sharing some very interesting writerly advice.

It’s time to be whisked away once more by a talented author, as we delve deeper into the enchanting world of Aeldynn Lore.


Hi there Melissa, thank you for agreeing to chat to me about your creative writing processes, we really look forward to hearing more about them.

Let’s start with the release of your debut novel “Keys of the Origin: The Scions of Balance, Book 1 (Aeldynn Lore)”. My sincerest congratulations to you for completing the book! Your novel is one of action, fantasy and adventure. Please elaborate more on the story, the world and the challenges that your protagonists and antagonists face.

Hello David. I can’t really say too much about the story without going into detail about the plot. It’s just one of those books; if you start to explain one thing, you end up having to explain a lot more. Book 1 is primarily about two young men whose personalities and ways of life are very different, and yet whose morals are nevertheless very much alike at base level. There is a hidden aspect of their lineage that neither understands (though one has his suspicions), but this coupled with who they are is what makes them “chosen”, and they become embroiled in a situation involving ancient, immortal and very powerful beings who are part of an everlasting cycle to maintain balance.

We’ve all heard, read or watched stories about chosen ones and prophecies before, but it always seems free will is largely absent. In Keys of the Origin I have endeavoured to implement the notion of there being some free will, so the prophecy could happen in one of several ways depending on their choices. Of course, as the author, I inevitably know the choices the characters are going to make, but it’s the characters themselves not knowing the exact outcome and how their choices will affect the prophecy, which to me at least, seems more intriguing.

The world itself has a complex structure. Aeldynn is both the name of the planet as well as being the name of the physical plane. One might say it shares some similarities with the world tree, Yggdrasil, from Norse Mythology in that there are planes of existence above and below Aeldynn, except in place of the tree is a crystal, which has an inverted counterpart serving as its opposite (like an evil twin). Similarly the magic system is based on these ‘world crystals’ which is utilised via a spiritual anchorage that happens to be either natural and permanent or sought and temporary depending on each individual race. That’s all I can tell you for now; you’ll have to read the books to learn more about it.


The age old adage is to “write what you know.” You are a very big fan of Anime, Cosplay and Tall Ship Sailing. What kind of influence would you say that your passions have had on your writing and the world of Aeldynn?

With one’s passions one may acquire a wealth of knowledge in those subjects, but it also takes a great deal of research to make it work, and not just in subjects of an individual’s expertise such as war, politics, commerce, religion and this case, the nautical/maritime. So, when considering how my passions have influenced me – which also includes my own beliefs – there’s no quick or simple answer.

Whenever I play videogames or watch anime (among other forms of entertainment), I absorb many characters’ feelings and how they tie into the story/plot. I also make a mental note of the underlying themes used. For example, in the world of Aeldynn, some underlying themes take the forms of morality, balance, and opposites. This means being involved on a deeply emotional level, and being able to relate to many of the characters and the situations they are hurled into. Some elements of my writing may even remind a few geeks out there of some well-known gaming moves and tactics or aspects known to appear in anime. The ideas and concepts that have influenced me are by no means concealed.

The nautical theme (at least for me) is just as important an influence as all the others; writing and reading are experiences in and of themselves. They are at their most powerful when the writer has injected their own passions into their work, and those passions will always be drawn from other experiences in life. I know first-hand what it feels to be on a tall ship at sea: the feeling of a strong breeze on my face as I take deep breaths of the fresh sea air; the spray of the saltwater as the ship pitches into the waves; the rough feeling of calluses forming on my hands after hauling on ropes; the arduous task of climbing masts and setting sails, and the fatigue that comes with keeping watch day and night on a rotational basis. It’s more inspirational when you actually experience something for yourself.


If your novel was to be made into a film, who would you cast in the lead roles?

This is a very tough question for many of my characters. By the time my books get considered for film (that’s assuming they ever do), the actors/actresses I pick may no longer be of an appropriate age if we’re talking live action films. There may be other suitable candidates out there, but out of the names I know, I thought Jeremy Sumpter would be great candidate for Larkh, and possibly Chris Hemsworth for Zehn. For Arcaydia, perhaps someone like Claire Holt or maybe Kirsten Prout. Some Nays/Drahknyr characters like Melkhar, however, would probably be difficult to find strong candidates for, and at the moment I’m finding it difficult to pin any names down. However, I have often had thoughts of my work being turned into anime. If that were the case, thinking of voice actors is a little easier: Matthew Mercer would be a good one for Larkh; Mike McFarland for Zehn; Stephanie Sheh or Michelle Ruff for Arcaydia; and for Melkhar, perhaps Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

The hardest? Filling in the gaps and then getting the words down on the page, I would say. I often have no trouble with inspirational imagery, but finding the missing links and then trying to describe them? It can often be like trying to find a needle in a rather large haystack.

The easiest? The ideas that flow from inspiration derived from: music, nature, personal experience, games, films/TV series, books and anime I suppose. There’s no end to the possibilities induced from the imagery of such entertainment mediums. I must always have appropriate music playing in order to write, or little to nothing gets done.


Who are some of the authors in general that inspire you?

Maggie Furey, R.A.Salvatore (Forgotten Realms), Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance), J.R.R. Tolkien, among others; those who write high/epic style fantasy bent on adventure. Another name I came across in recent years is John Gwynne, a fairly new addition to the world of fantasy authors who instantly gained my respect for returning to the wild and gritty side of fantasy. His writing draws inspiration from ancient and medieval influences which including Celtic, Norse, and Roman ways of life, and pits them against each other.


What sort of research do you do to write your books?

I’m particular about reasonably high levels of accuracy, so if we bring up my passion for tall ships and sailing on them, nothing is more grating for me than when nautical jargon and manoeuvres are used incorrectly, not explained to the reader, or are just ignored and left out entirely. I can’t claim to be vastly knowledgeable in every single subject I write about, but I like to think I do enough research in order for things to make sense and to make them understandable.

If authors are going to make adjustments to such subjects then they ought to be prepared to explain what those changes are and how they serve the story. Otherwise things will either sound ridiculous or they won’t make sense. One author I’ve read books from mentioned he deviated for the sake of readers’ understanding, which didn’t really do the job (as I understood terminology I knew many wouldn’t) and wasn’t explained very well, and suffered numerous inaccuracies which had no explanation. I understand it isn’t always possible to avoid inaccuracy in all areas of writing, but it’s possible to tell when an author has gone to great lengths to make an effort.

The research I do tends to have me spending many hours trawling the internet and textbooks for answers to a multitude of questions. There were things about tall sailing ships I wasn’t aware of or needed more information on, so I sought the answers I was looking for. This was necessary for the construction of Larkh’s ship, the Greshendier. I wanted her to have superior firepower like a first rate ship-of-the-line such as HMS Victory, but she needed to be faster and more manoeuvrable and be able to sail with fewer crew (Victory’s complement was over 800, and her highest recorded speed was approximately 11 knots), and typically ships of her size had to be towed in and out of port if sailing off a berth wasn’t possible.

There was also the amount of cannons to consider, along with their size and weight, and the minimum number of crew to man each one. Those are just a handful of the questions I needed answers to in order to make Greshendier a believable ship, let alone all other subjects areas such as the functions of politics and war, and how long it takes to get from A to B on foot, by horse, or by sea (or indeed by dragon/wyvern). So, when thinking about research, I’m as thorough as I feel I can be, and if I’m not satisfied that an answer gives me the details I want, I’ll keep looking, because I’ve found that sometimes answers to very specific questions can be incredibly elusive.


Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I’ve been writing stories ever since I learned how to read and write, and it seems I’ve always had something of a limitless imagination. When it became apparent that I truly harboured profound empathy and understanding of the world around me, keeping all the ideas and imagery inside my head was never an option. It’s like having a wild beast cooped up in a cage, endlessly pacing back and forth because it needed to be free. It had to be released into the world one day.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

All things that inspire me serve to keep me ticking over. Eventually something in one of them will jump out at me, and then an idea will begin to take form.

Sometimes it takes a little while for the idea to manifest itself fully before I can write about it, but if I’m having trouble with one particular scene or chapter, I’ll write parts of another. Whatever I have the inspiration for in a cluster of chapters is what I will focus on, and of course appropriate music always helps.


How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

Doing all the things that inspire me. My creative mind never truly shuts down. 😉

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline? Can we expect more sequels in the Aeldynn Lore series?

The name Aeldynn Lore is an all-encompassing banner, much like how Forgotten Reams and Dragonlance act as banner for the stories told in the respective worlds they deal with; Faerûn and Krynn. So yes, you can expect as many stories as I can possibly write under the banner of Aeldynn Lore, but the name of the world itself is just Aeldynn. I am currently working on Mindseer Oracle, book 2 of the Scions of Balance saga, and have my first short story compilation in progress as a side project which is intended to give a bit of a flavour of the different geographical areas of Aeldynn.


Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

I’ve read a fair number of articles about the fantasy genre in the last few years (particularly those concerning books) which, despite making fair points, still leave a lot of grey area unexplored and I admit to some of them chafing my nerves. A few have talked about dragons, elves, dwarves and goblins being outdated and clichéd, and have answered this supposed problem by simply eradicating them, leading to many mundane tales set largely in one place in which the inhabitants are, for the most part, all human. Did anyone ever consider humans to be outdated or clichéd? My first piece of advice, therefore, is write whatever the heck you want to write about. If you are a fantasy author like me who wants to write about dragons, elves, dwarves and goblins, then do it. Don’t be put off just because some people don’t want to read about them. Humans are far more common a feature in fantasy than any of those. And yes, humanity does exist in Aeldynn – I have my reasons; don’t we all?

Some have also made a few digs at fantasy authors for not being consistent with the nature of their themes in relation to life as we know it on Earth (i.e. modern terminology in a medieval setting, or humans healing from grievous wounds must faster than they ought to; or even how to fight exceptionally well in a very short space of time). What authors, in this kind scenario, fail to mention in their work is the why and the how of some of these things. If humans heal faster than they do on Earth in your world, why is that the case? Is there a scientific or magical explanation? If they have learned how to hold their own in a fight at an early age, what is the reason? The answers don’t have to be given right away, but the reader should, where possible, be given a few hints.

For example, in Keys of the Origin, Larkh is often mentioned as being a prodigy; he met someone who taught him, and there are also secrets to his lineage. For something like modern terminology, you still might want to give an explanation, even if it’s just in the form of an interview like this one, because “how’s it hangin’?” in a medieval setting might sound a bit strange; then again if you’re writing about an entirely different planet, does it really matter? I say it does matter if you’re unable to find a means of making it fit in.

My editor has mentioned a fair few times things that would not have happened or been invented in the kind of era Keys of the Origin is set in, to which I have answered, “I’m not writing about the history of our own planet Earth.” However, I would stress that going too far out of context with such things may make things awkward when trying to ensure you maintain clarity as a writer. You may not always be able to jump through all of the hoops, but definitely clear as many as you can, especially when it comes to writing about subjects you may not be quite so familiar with. So, my last piece of advice is always do as much research as you possibly can.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for being a passionate and wonderful guest, particularly when it comes to giving writing advice to others 🙂

N.B. Permission for use of any of the attached images is given solely for this interview only and they may not be reproduced elsewhere, as per the Copyright Restrictions of the author Melissa A. Joy.



Melissa A. Joy is a fantasy author who challenges the conventional expectations of fantasy and takes them to a whole new level.  It is no secret that she believes in the existence of all things fantastical, and that anything is possible.

She began building the world of Aeldynn and started writing seriously aged approximately 13, and has since developed it into something truly magical worth sharing.  From the glorious winged Drahknyr and wise and fearsome dragons to pirates of the high seas and a world rich with history and lore, her imagination could be said to be limitless.

When she isn’t locked in a reverie about what’s going on in the world of Aeldynn, she’s probably out sailing the high seas on a tall ship, or perhaps dressed up in costume at an anime convention.

You can connect with Melissa on the following Social Media platforms:-

Facebook:- DefinitiveImaginationMJ (FB)
Twitter:- @DefineImagineMJ (Twitter)
Website:- The Official Website of Melissa A. Joy and Aeldynn Lore

You can buy her books here:-

Canada:- Buy Melissa A. Joy’s books in Canada

UK/Europe:- Buy Melissa A. Joy’s books in UK/Europe

US/Rest of the World:- Buy Melissa A. Joy’s books in US/Rest of the World

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