Author Interview – Grant Leishman – The Second Coming, Rise of the AntiChrist, The Holy War, Just A Drop In The Ocean, The Photograph, Paranormal Alley and Tortured Minds

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Today I am interviewing multi-genre author Grant Leishman, as he gives us the lowdown on his eclectic books and generously shares a lot of writerly advice.

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Hi there Grant, great to have you here with us, so we can find out more about you as a writer and get to further grips with all your books.

Hi David, it’s always great to have an opportunity to share with others my passion for the written word, so I’m primed and ready to go.

Let’s start with your novels “The Second Coming” and its sequel “Rise of the AntiChrist”. You mention that this is a planned trilogy of volumes. The concept will be controversial to some, in that they both deal with God & Jesus but your tongue is set firmly in cheek and the tone is humorous, along with not being either pro-religious or anti-religious, focusing primarily on ‘What if’s?’ situations. What exactly can we expect from these two books, in terms of characters, plots and story arcs?

Okay, firstly, there is a third book, “Holy War”, which I’ve just this morning completed the second full edit of. I’m hopeful it will be self-published by the end of September, but that will depend on the outcome of ongoing discussions with the publisher of the first two books.

As to the two previous books, they are predicated on a simple what if? Putting aside any religious overtones (these are not religious books, despite their content) the simple what if in this case was; What if God looked down on earth one day and was so disgusted with what man had made of his creation, he determined to destroy it and start again from scratch. Jesus (or JC as he is known in the book) begs for one more chance to lead humanity on the right path. The entire trilogy follows the Castillo family as they fulfil their mission of saving humanity from the brink.

In the Second Coming, JC awakes in hospital, suffering from temporary amnesia following being hit by a bus in Manila. With the help of his friends (disciples) and an intervention from the Archangel Michael, he gradually recovers his memory and the team of disciples set out on their mission.

This book is totally set in The Philippines as JC and his Disciples set out to change the world. Their first task is to expose a usurper to the title, “Son of God” who happens to live and preach in the Southern Philippines, in Davao City. What follows is a series of adventures that takes them all over the Philippines, including being arrested, a trial and a confrontation with the feared terrorist group The Abu Sayef.

Simmering through the entire story is the burgeoning relationship between JC and his number one disciple, Maria. By the end of the book, JC has to make a decision, to stay and surrender his immortality to marry Maria and settle down or to return to Heaven.

Rise of the AntiChrist, opens with the birth of the couple’s first children, the twins, Samantha and Damien. Conceived whilst JC was still a God, before donning the cloak of humanity. the twins have powers that allow them to support and further their parent’s mission on Earth.

Rise of the AntiChrist covers the globe, as the Kingdom of God Church sets about establishing communities of loving, caring people, all over earth, especially in those areas torn by war, oppression or poverty.

Unfortunately, Beelzebub (the Devil) has escaped the pits of Hades and is determined to seek domination of the Universe. Inevitably, he seeks out and perverts one of JC and Maria’s children, to his evil ways.

Whereas, The Second Coming, could probably be describes as warm, funny and uplifting, Rise of the AntiChrist is definitely, darker and racier, although, still tinged with humour.

The final book, Holy War, chronicles the final confrontation between the forces of Good and Evil, pitting brother against sister in a showdown that could jokingly be called Armageddon.

Although I have had some minor criticism from some Christians who have described the books as blasphemous, I tend to take this with a grain of salt. These are fiction, in the same way the famous Left Behind Series, was fiction – none of that was biblical and yet Christians seemed to embrace it and believe it. I don’t want people to believe this – it is pure fantasy. At its heart, these three books are about love, family, caring, redemption, the human spirit and the uplifting of our collective consciousness about what is important in life. That I chose to clothe this adventure story in a faith-based dress is actually irrelevant, in my opinion. I mean, what better opportunity for a bit of fantasy fiction, than Gods, Angels and a Grumpy Old Devil. It seems perfect to me.

I realised I was walking a fairly fine line with this trilogy, but I enjoyed it and I hope the readers will take the books for what they are – fun fantasy.


You also have two stand-alone books called “Just A Drop In The Ocean” and “The Photograph”. They are a Contemporary Romance and a Supernatural Thriller respectively. You clearly enjoy dabbling in different genres. Please divulge more information about these two stories and where they will take us on their very different journeys. Also, If you had to pick your favourite genre, what would that be and why?

Just A Drop in the Ocean was a way to develop the idea that long before the internet, real relationships did develop between pen-pals, through writing old fashioned letters. I had a pen-pal or two when I was younger and I wanted to explore that idea further.

The book follows the lives of Teresa from The Philippines and Nick from New Zealand, who first connect as young teenagers through a school project. As they grow into adults, they think they have their lives planned out – their lives together, but as is often the case, circumstance gets in the way.

The book parallels, the pair’s journeys through their separate lives, as they make poor choices, bad decisions, face their own versions of hell and deal with their own demons. Always in the back of Nick and Teresa’s minds, however, is the thought; what if? The story takes the pair through the hell of physical, mental and sexual abuse, the criminal underworld, violence, prison, bad marriages, alcohol addiction just to name a few.

With the new age of the internet, can Nick and Teresa find each other again? Is there redemption and a second-chance for this broken pair?

Just A Drop is intensely personal for me. It reads like an autobiography, from the perspective of Nick’s character and that’s because it basically is. It was a story I needed to tell and one that I know has a happy ending (no spoilers here).

The Photograph was something totally different. I was between stories and wondering what my next project would be. I eavesdropped on a Face Book conversation (as you do) between a couple of friends. One guy was saying he’d just found an old roll of film from 1972 that had never been developed. He was wondering if he should develop it. It got me thinking what might be on that film and I was intrigued – The Photograph was born.

What I quickly discovered was I liked the freedom writing horror, supernatural stories gave me. I had license to invent weird and wonderful happenings. I did enjoy it and what came out was a tale of searching for a family’s roots and trying to untangle a 700 hundred year old mystery. Again, this book was about family, despite it involving witches, demons, black magic, and a priest who liked a bit of demon worship on the side.

I have written all over the place, so far, genre-wise, I guess, but I suspect I’m still trying to find the genre I’m most comfortable in. I think I prefer writing romance above all else, but it has to be edgy romance, with a bit of adventure, action and nastiness thrown in for good measure. I think, as long as I’m writing and as long as there’s someone that wants to read what I write, the genre’s unimportant. In fact, I’d go as far to say that today authors have become fanatical about genre and subgenre. When I grew up there seemed to be only a few genres; Romance, Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, War and Thrillers and the last two could even fit in Action/Adventure. Everything fitted somewhere in there.

Today, there seems to be a sub-genre to fit every story. For God’s sake, could someone please tell me what Space Opera or Steam punk is? It’s all bollocks to me.
So, my favourite genre is Filipino Romantic Comedies, with Africa-American protagonists and an evil Pinoy antagonist, written on a wet Wednesday in August. (It’s almost getting that silly in my opinion.)

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

The most difficult thing about writing, for me anyway, is procrastination. DAMN THE INTERNET!

It is just way too easy to be dragged away from what you’d planned to do and suddenly find you’ve wasted several hours, doing beggar all.

The easiest thing about writing is the writing. That comes naturally. Once I have an idea, the plot just develops from there and I write pretty much continuously until the book is finished.


Who are some of the authors in general that inspire you?

Every “Indie” Author I’ve ever met (metaphorically speaking) inspires me. What so many of them achieve with just their own guts and determination to tell their story is phenomenal. I only read “indie” authors these days and there are some fantastic ones out there, every bit as good as the legacy authors. To name just four, but there are many more: Jana Petken, Christoph Fischer, Ellie Midwood and Paulette Mahurin.

They have all achieved what I seek to achieve – quality comparable to any legacy published author.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

I have spent my life reading and most of my research is inside of my head. When I need to flesh that stuff out – well, this time it is THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET. So far I haven’t written anything that’s required too much research, but like when I need the names of thirteen fallen Angels – hey, just Google it!


Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

There are two answers to those questions.

Firstly, I write because it is my bliss. It is what I want to do and it is what I intend to do for the rest of my life. Clichéd as it may sound, “I am living the dream.”

What inspired me to become a writer is a different issue. I came to this game quite late in life – 54. However, when I was a child I read prodigiously and I well remember one time when I was off school sick, I read and was captivated by a very long and wonderful book; The Swiss Family Robinson. I remember saying to my mother at the time, “I’m going to write books like that one day Mum. I’m going to be a writer when I grow up.” Although my dear mother was gone by the time I finally took up writing seriously, I like to think she’s looking down at me now and saying, “well, it did take you a long time to grow up son, but you got there in the end.”


What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

Creative what?

Touch wood I haven’t had any serious ones yet. I guess what keeps me motivated most is my darling wife. When I see her heading off to work every day to keep me in the manner to which I’ve become accustomed, how can I possibly justify having creative slumps or writer’s block?

I just do it! Just like she does, every day, for us.

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

Wish there was more of that. When I’m not writing, I’m promoting, editing, whatever is necessary to make it all happen. An “indie’s” lot is not always an easy one – editor, proof-reader, marketer, publisher…you name it, we have to do it.

I’m reading constantly. I probably read around three books a week on average – all indie authors. Apart from that, I do try to spend some time with my darling wife and our two daughters. My one vice, outside of writing is watching sport on television – specifically volleyball.


Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?


I’m right at that crossroads now. I have no idea at all what my next project will be. I’m torn between writing a non-fiction book based on some blogs I wrote a year or so ago about happiness and self-help, or a sequel to The Photograph (which I left the option for at the end), or… nah! Frankly, I have no idea at all. One thing I’m certain of though, it will come to me before the time is here to start writing again.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Trust me! The only nuggets I can give would be most unwelcome.

Seriously, though, the one piece of advice I would give to anyone who wants to write is simply – write. I think Stephen King said; “the worst page you ever wrote is infinitely better than the best page you never wrote.”

Don’t listen to the naysayers and never let them take anything away from your dream. It is your dream and your work validates itself. You don’t need their validation.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for your time Grant, we really appreciate it and allowing us to learn more about both you and your books 🙂

Bio (in Grant’s own words):-


I am an expatriate New Zealander, now residing in the beautiful islands of The Philippines. After careers in finance and journalism, I have finally found my true calling in life and I am now a full-time author. As I like to put it; “I’m living the dream.” I live in Metro Manila, with my beautiful wife and our two daughters.

Writing is my passion, my love, and my bliss. Apart from writing and spending time with my family, my favorite activity is interacting on social media, with my readers and other “indie” authors. I am passionate about promoting the marvelous “indie” authors that the new technology has allowed to flourish in what was previously a tightly-closed shop of elitist, legacy-published, authors.

I am also a great champion of the need to encourage and entreat our younger people to read more. Reading opens the window to new and exciting experiences and allows young people to exercise and test the limits of their imaginations; something today’s visual-media world does not always allow.

I blog regularly on my website and try to live every day by the mantras I put at the bottom of each and every one of my blog posts.




Have a great life and spread the love!

Changing the world – one reader at a time!

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