Author Interview – Suzy Davies – Johari’s Window and the Upcoming Children’s Book Series Snugs The Snow Bear

Hello there ladies and gentlemen, so nice to see you all again.

We round off the week with another great guest author in the form of Suzy Davies, as she gives us some interesting writing advice and fills us in on her books, including her Romantic novel “Johnari’s Window” and the adorable upcoming Children’s Series “Snugs The Snow Bear”.

Enjoy the interview and have a fantastic weekend folks.


Hi there Suzy, wonderful to be chatting with you as our guest here today finding out more about your writing, stories and the person behind them.

Let’s start with your novel “Johari’s Window”. It is a modern day love letter and contemporary fictional romance. Please flesh out more of the story for us and how your lead character finds both heartache and a myriad of different kinds of love across the course of her journey throughout the book.

The story begins in Aberystwyth, Wales, Suzy’s childhood home. The opening chapter shows forth the sensitivity and impulsiveness of a young girl – “Suzy” – the bird fancier.

This foreshadows what happens to Suzy, when she lets down her guard to the protagonist, Dr Raven, who is, in some ways, like her. The difference is in the way that he judges, whereas she allows her imagination to perceive. Dr Raven is a charmer, and the protagonist who represents the absent father, whom Suzy craves. He shatters her dreams, and their romantic interlude haunts Suzy’s memory like an obsession.

Morley’s rejection of Suzy brings about her subsequent choice of marriage to a violent alcoholic, Doyle. She feels bereft, and worthless. Suzy wants to help Doyle, but her kindness and compassion cannot touch him. Paradoxically, in the aftermath, Suzy is helped by others, and builds in strength, to heal herself. After this unfortunate episode with Doyle, Suzy now feels new compassion for Dr Raven.

The memory of the erudite Dr Raven spurs Suzy on to write, in a kind of catharsis. This writing brings about new friendships. Suzy emerges, determined to be all that she can be – to love herself, and to recognise different kinds of love: of family, of friends, and, in particular, to have compassion for her fellow human being.

In “Johari’s Window” Suzy traces the memory of her journey toward enlightenment and security. This journey is not linear; we are taken directly into Suzy’s consciousness as she remembers her experiences. The memoir traces this journey, from the workings of the subconscious, which begins to unfold in the “Journey Beneath The Stars” chapter.

The first woman to navigate The New World in her ship, “L’Etoile,” represents a kind of secret sharer who, disguised as a man, shows Suzy the way. The chapter entitled “The Window,” suggests that the journey is also an artistic journey – a walk of fire. It is from this fire that the writer emerges – like a Phoenix.

The way takes her to “South Korea”, where she teaches English as a Second Language, and finds solace in her work and friendships. This foreign land gives Suzy the stability and independence to write her book, and we are shown the “writer in the making” who has time to dream, and to find romance beneath the Cherry Blossom flowers.

These flowers Suzy names, “pink snow,” because they remind her of the winter, when she fell in love with Dr Raven. She will always remember him, standing at the lecture theatre window, with the view of the “first fall” of snow. In her memory he is “sun-drenched,” and her passion is such that the backdrop of snow appears to be on fire.

The final chapter of the book revisits Egypt, the land of The Pyramids and The Sphinx. The Sphinx seems to hold the key to Suzy’s dreams, and has revelations to make. She wants to know who will be her teacher, and the question seems to be rhetorical.

Suzy’s recalls her purchase, at Cairo Market, of a Lapis Lazuli stone, which represents all that is beautiful and mysterious in the world – particularly the mystery of love. The stone represents precognition, intuition, and “star-gazing.”
We all share “the common ground we stand on”, as the great Virginia Woolf suggested. And when we love our fellow man, we are humanitarians. We share the wonder of the universe.

When we gaze at the firmament, we know how small we are in the grand scheme, but we are inspired to take courage. After all, voyagers in history navigated by the light of the moon and stars. The sea meets the sky. We share a common sea of consciousness.

The ending of “Johari’s Window” is also a beginning. And Suzy still has questions to ask, and new discoveries to make – but, this time, she is stronger, and wiser.


If your novel was to be made into a film, who would you cast in the lead roles?

Kate Winslet would be “Suzy,” and David Duchovny would be Dr Raven. Doyle would be played by Johnny Depp. Suzy’s mother would be Helen Mirren, and her father, Anthony Hopkins. Angela would be played by Liza Minelli. Art would be played by Pierce Brosnan. Elena Dee would be the Diva in the opera, “Madama Butterfly,” mentioned in my book. I have met her, and presented a copy of “Johari’s Window” to her at Bournemouth Pavilion in England.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

Writing is second nature to me. Characterization comes to me easily. I can also visualize settings with ease. Plots can be difficult!

Who are some of the authors in general that inspire you?

For Romance Fiction, Daphne Du Maurier is an inspiration to me. For memoir, Virginia Woolf and James Joyce. For Magic Realism, Salman Rushdie, and Isabel Allende. For Poetry, Pablo Neruda. His poem, “Every Day You Play,” inspired some of the imagery in my novel.

For my most recent venture, “Snugs The Snow Bear” A.A. Milne, Michael Bond, and Elizabeth Beresford were my major influencers. I am also indebted to Dylan Thomas.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

In “Johari’s Window” I brought my own experiences to life. I did extensive research on global myths, and oral storytelling, and also looked into the history of world explorers, and revisited Feminism.


Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I love writing, and it is as essential to me as breathing. Natural inclination, nurture, and opportunity, with “a room of (my) own,” helped me develop a career as a writer.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

Positive self-talk, and belief in myself keeps me going. Family are also a wonderful support to me, as are faithful friends! I have some lovely feedback from my readers – for me, my readership is my treasure. I don’t really believe in writers’ block. The secret is to have self-belief, and be out there in the world so that you have resources to draw on. Travel is a great educator, so get out in the world and see places, and observe people! Read a lot – it’s a kind of virtual travel, that will cultivate the writer in you!

You have access to a time machine. What advice do you give to your younger self?

“Go girl!”

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I like a balance, and try to get out every day. I also enjoy cooking, listening to music, and reading.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

I am poised to launch the first book in a Children’s Series – “Snugs The Snow Bear.” I am very excited that Snugs, the hero of “The Snugs Series,” is a global ambassador, with a message about Green Issues and Global Warming, which is so topical! The book is sure to fire the imaginations of children, and the young-at-heart! It is educational, and I hope it will inspire a young audience to look after the environment and its animals. I also hope that, one day, my book will inspire a budding children’s writer or two!


Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

Make sure you write every day. Do not let anyone discourage you. Make writing a priority. Treat your writing like a job, and be disciplined about it. Have fun with it, too. Experiment to find out what you are best at! Make sure you get out and about, and that will give you inspiration for all that you write. Travel and meet people, and always carry a notebook around. Be yourself in all that you do. Try to get better and better. Dare to be unique! Never take your readership for granted. Always carry one or two of your books with you – you never know who you may meet!

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for spending time with us today Suzy 🙂



Suzy Davies was born in Reading, Berkshire, in England. Born into an Anglo-Welsh family, she spent her early childhood in Aberystwyth, Wales, and in Southwell, near Nottingham, England.

Eventually, the family settled in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, which has a famous literary connection with George Eliot. Suzy attended Nuneaton High School for Girls, and recalls that English was her favorite subject at school.

Suzy has enjoyed careers in Recruitment and Estate Agency, and Teaching. Her teaching career, spanning ten years, included a Lead Teacher and Literacy Specialist Role.

Suzy first started writing when she was six years old. It was only when she was in her thirties, that she had her poetry professionally published, and her first novel, “Johari’s Window,” was published in 2014, with SilverWood Books in Bristol.

She has just completed Book One of a Children’s Series, “Snugs The Snow Bear,” and a cover reveal will follow shortly! Suzy has already written the sequel, and Book Three of “The Snugs Series” is well underway!

Suzy now lives in Florida, The United States of America, and in her spare time, she enjoys nature rambling, visiting Daytona Beach, reading, cooking, mall shopping, and chilling out on boats!

You can connect with her on the following Social Media channels:-

Authors’ Den:- Suzy Davies – Author (AuthorsDen)
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You can buy her books here (Snugs The Snow Bear is still being prepared for publication and will be available soon but Johari’s Window is currently available for purchase at the links below):-

Buy Suzy Davies’ books in Canada

Buy Suzy Davies’ books in UK/Europe

Buy Suzy Davies’ books in the US/Rest of the World

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