New Book Release – Alison Clarke – “Racine” – Book Two of The Sisterhood Stories Series (Fantasy Series)

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So, I have another Canadian author who I previously interviewed and the exciting news is that she has released another book since we last spoke to her.

Here is the original interview that I did with Alison Clarke that covers her previous releases:-

Author Interview – Alison Clarke – THE SISTERHOOD (Fantasy Series), The Adventures Of Eli The Elephant and Eli Goes To The Moon

And here is the interview with Alison about her latest release, have fun folks as always 🙂


Hi there Alison, a real pleasure to have you back here with us again to chat about your latest book release “Racine” in your YA Fantasy The Sisterhood Stories series.

Who are the key players/lead protagonists and antagonists that pop up in your adventure? (assuming that we haven’t already read the first book in the Sisterhood series)

The key protagonist is Racine, hence the title of the book.

Here is an excerpt from the book itself:-

“I woke up, gasping for air. I saw destruction; I saw terrified faces, and so much fire. Everything was alight, but yet it was surrounded by such darkness. Voices, with sonorous tones swimming in sorrow and regret floated in the air. The time has now come. The time has now come. I was drowning in my own sweat. These nightmares were not unusual;they had become an almost nightly occurrence. What was I to do? What was my destiny? I felt the flow of the Ancestors. Soon, it would be time. IT WOULD BE TIME.”

Racine Alison Clarke

What is the story about regarding the conflict that needs to be resolved by the characters and what are the stakes for them this time round?

Racine is on an odyssey to find out her origins – her story, as it will.

How did the idea for this tale take shape? Is it a natural progression from the previous book in the series or are you taking the series down another different path entirely?

I’m taking the series down a different path, but all of the storylines still connect, and there are common themes. Oppie and Aurie make an appearance in Book Two.

Did you do any specific research for this novel that differed from your previous one in the series or the other novels that you have written?

I did more specific research, focusing on certain events in history.

What aspects of your characters in this book would you say that you relate to on a personal level?

I would say Racine, and her experiences as a person of colour.

What were the hardest parts of this book to write? And what were the easiest?

The hardest ones were certain aspects of Racine’s life – especially as a kid. The easiest were the aspects that are a part of the magical odyssey that I am creating.

Do you hide any secrets or Easter eggs in your books for dedicated readers to find?

I did 😉

Sisterhood Book Omne

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

There are three: the owl, as it symbolizes wisdom, and knowledge; the unicorn for symbolizing magic; and the butterfly for illustrating metamorphosis, or change.

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing? Do you have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in your stories?

I’ve been told that vivid imagery is a major feature of my writing, as well as being poetic – that there’s a rhythm of the words, which create a poetic music. I think the themes of the power of teamwork, friendship, love, and faith reverberate in my work.

Finally, regarding your subsequent projects, will you be writing another sequel in your Sisterhood Series or do you have other plans for other books in the pipeline?

I will be writing another book in the series. I think in three’s, even though it’s a series. There will be another trilogy after this one. The number three is a significant one in many cultures, including the Irish one, as well as the Ghanaian.

And once again, that’s a wrap! Thank you for letting us know about your new release, we look forward to checking it out soon 🙂



Alison Clarke is a writer who delves into different fields. She is a children’s author, but is now joining the world of young adult literature. Her interests in the Victorian era, including automatons, her passion for medieval literature like Chaucer, her interests in Arthurian tales, and so on fuel her writing.

Her first degree is in Sociology with a double minor in French and English. She is now working on a Master’s degree in Children’s literature. Storytelling is her calling, and whether she is writing, painting, or drawing, story is key.

Reading is another passion, and many different genres interest her, including biography, fantasy, poetry, art books, and so on. Alison believes that the word is a powerful thing, and this is evident in many different literary forms. She also believes that art, whether it’s literary or visual can change the world, can make the world a better place.

You can connect with Alison on the following Social Media channels:-

Twitter:- @mythologist200 (Twitter)
Website:- The Realm of Wyrniverdon

You can buy her books here:-

Buy Alison Clarke’s books in Canada

Buy Alison Clarke’s books in the UK/Europe

Buy Alison Clarke’s books in the US/Rest of the World

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