Day Thirteen – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Silky Ways Into Our Souls” by David Ellis

Hello everybody, so happy to see you all again!

It’s Day Thirteen of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with a generous helping of Peppers!) and I’m back with another video for your hungry eyeballs to feast upon.

Check out the Facebook Live performance of my latest poem.


I was inspired to write this poem by a prompt over at and picked a form called a ‘ghazal’, which sounds a lot like the noise you would make if you lost a baby antelope in the forest and then accidentally found it again – ‘gahzelle’ dahhhling!

You can find out more about the prompt and the history of the ghazal form below, along with the prompt excerpt that I copied over from the website for your convenience too to save you hunting for it:-

“And now for our (optional) prompt. Today’s is an oldie-but-a-goody: the ghazal. The form was originally developed in Arabic and Persian poetry, but has become increasingly used in English, after being popularized by poets including Agha Shahid Ali. A ghazal is formed of couplets, each of which is its own complete statement. Both lines of the first couplet end with the same phrase or end-word, and that end-word is also repeated at the end of each couplet. If you’re really feeling inspired, you can also attempt to incorporate internal rhymes and a reference to your own name in the final couplet. Here are a few examples – Evie Shockley’s “where you are planted,” Ali’s “Tonight,” and Patricia Smith’s “Hip Hop Ghazal.”

If you would like to try alternative prompt resources to help with your poetry writing this month then here are another couple of my regular ‘haunts’ to hopefully inspire your creative juices:-

OctPoWriMo 2017

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest

And here is my poem in written form, for you to be enchanted, mesmerised and seduced by the shiny couplets I’ve produced (at least that is what I hope happens and you don’t run away in disgust screaming at the top of your lungs because that would be embarrassing for us both).



Photo by ctvgs from Pixabay

“Silky Ways Into Our Souls” by David Ellis

For all the good times and all of the bad that we have had, let us smile when it comes to love
You’ll know it when you find it, nothing compares to the haunting, heavenly, hungry beauty of love

Sweet is the flower allowed to blossom, for the fruits it bears if nurtured properly are exquisite
Planting kindness above all else, compassion is not a luxury but an absolute requisite of love

The world is at peace with itself, each and every moment it indulges in resplendent romance
In the face of overwhelming grief, there are no regrets in the slightest when it comes to love

Sea moving between the shores, rapturously rhythmic, breathlessly hypnotic, dancing full of energy
Spells we cast on each other, full of excitement and wonder, caught up in the wicked waves of love

Music speaks to our souls in such silky ways, its seductive vibes can help us to succeed and to heal
Songs in our hearts beat the loudest, deepest and most profound but only for those we truly love


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4 thoughts on “Day Thirteen – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Silky Ways Into Our Souls” by David Ellis

    • TY very much Di 🙂 Nothing gives me more pleasure than experimenting with new poetic forms and pulling them off in a reasonable fashion 😉 Repetition can be very difficult when it comes to getting the maximum value out of a word and love is always difficult because of the number of times it is used but I think I got some good sentiment out of this one. I will continue to hunt for new forms to play with for our entertainment 🙂

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