Day Fifteen – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Nightmare Fuel” by David Ellis

Hello my dearest friends, welcome.

It’s Day Fifteen of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with Cheer Peppers galore!) and I’m back with you guessed it, a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle!

No, of course not, it is another live performance poetry video.

Check out the Facebook Live performance of my latest poem.

This poem was kind of/sort of inspired by the halfway mark that we now find ourselves at in this point of the month. We all have nightmares from time to time, dreams that we feel we cannot escape from and this is the vibe I was going for regarding this one.

If you would like some alternative poetry prompts to fire up your motors this month then you can try some of the ones below that I usually mine for poetic nuggets of gold:-

OctPoWriMo 2017

2017 November PAD Chapbook Challenge by Robert Lee Brewer at Writer’s Digest

And here is my poem in written form to scare you witless all over again (unless you haven’t watched the video, in which case there is a first time for everything).


Photo by mysticsartdesign from Pixabay

“Nightmare Fuel” by David Ellis

Brick wall, rock bottom
Abandoning everything that has been learned
Only halfway through dreams of heaven
But someone has changed the channel
Still stuck in half past hell

Eclipsed by a loop of every greatest mistake I’ve ever made
My mind decides to remember it all in lurid detail tonight
An exhausting horror movie diet
Mostly of things that haven’t even happened yet

Heavy breathing and I keep on running
Running until my lungs scream
Pushing myself further and further
“Am I good enough?”, I wonder
“Am I strong enough to fight these demons?”, I ponder
The monsters, they all seem so real
Nightmare fuel

I hear roaring and squealing getting closer
My pulse is pounding through the roof
Why are my feet so wet?
The monster is starting to devour me, toes first!
No, no, please! I’m too young and handsome to die, have mercy!
Mr Snuggles? Really? It’s 3am!
Alright, I’ll feed you again!

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10 thoughts on “Day Fifteen – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Nightmare Fuel” by David Ellis

    • TY Angela – I enjoyed the twist with this one. It is a simple twist using an old favourite (cats) but I think there are very few who can’t relate about being woken up by furry feline toe nibbling early in the morning 🙂

    • Lol I don’t know about clever. I just thought it would be funny to be dreaming about self confidence issues and then you are attacked by a monster just to realise it is your monstrous cat wanting to be fed in the morning – little goiter! 😉

    • Mr Snuggles is practically a hero – extra treats and strokes for him 😉 Don’t ask me for a picture because he doesn’t exist. However, don’t get me wrong, I am mad about cats and love them 😉

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