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It’s time to see the weekend in with style, as tonight I chat with poet. musician and author Matt Seeley about his debut poetry book release, his music and his writing experiences.

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Hi there Matt, a pleasure to have you here to talk about your inspirations, writing style, song lyrics, instrumental songs and your latest poetry book release.

Aw shucks. You’re too kind.

Firstly, let’s start with your debut poetry book release, which is now available on Amazon. Why is your book called “Syndrome”, what is the relevance to the poems and collection itself?

A syndrome is a combination of symptoms or problems that signify a disease. I see the current political and social climates, both at home in the UK and globally, as suffering from some form of disease. My poetry focuses heavily on the issues, or symptoms, that make up this syndrome.


What are the themes that unite “Syndrome” together and how did you approach preparing them for a collection? Did you have to remove any poems that did not fit into the core themes that you were exploring for this book?

The core theme is political and social issues, ranging from the current UK government to homelessness to the hate that has manifested itself throughout the world. It also covers my own experiences through my first (nearly) 28 years of life. Whether a poem is about love or loss, happiness or heartbreak, mental health, or straight up anger at the state of the world, I didn’t see any as not ‘fitting the mould.’ The poems are in no strict order either, so I guess the chaos of life is something of a hidden theme.

How does a poem begin for you? Does it start with an image, a form or a particular theme?

Almost always it’s a single word or verse. It could be a song lyric that resonates, a word that keeps bouncing around my head, or something said in conversation that I suddenly think “oh, that’s a good verse.” I’ve tried to use images as a prompt, but it’s not something that has ever worked for me.

Are there any poetic forms you haven’t tried yet but would like to?

There are a lot I haven’t tried, but no so many I’m desperate to! I’d love to write a Sestina but whenever I’ve given it any thought, I’ve got no further than the second line. I don’t work well with constraints, which is why I often end up butchering any form I try to write.

How important is accessibility of the meaning of your poems? Should we have to work hard to “solve” the poems and discover their deeper meanings?

Accessibility is not a conscious goal when I write, but I certainly would not dismiss it. I write what I feel, which is why I don’t use flowery words and swear a lot instead. The meanings are (almost) always obvious, but there are some where the story I tell is hidden perhaps a little too well behind metaphors. But isn’t that the beauty of it all? If somebody finds a meaning in my writing that I didn’t even know was there, I think that’s incredible.

What are you main sources of inspiration or research when it comes to crafting your poetry?

Inspiration strikes when it strikes. I don’t go searching for it. If it is forced then it’s not something I feel strongly enough to write about it. Once I do get an idea I will normally write three or four lines and work from there. If an obvious pattern or rhythm emerges I might try to follow that, loosely. Otherwise I just let the words do as they please.


Has your own opinion or idea of what poetry is changed since you first started writing poetry?

I wish I could answer that, but I honestly don’t know. I’m not sure I’ve ever had much of an opinion on it (one of the few things). Perhaps if anything, I have started seeing poetry as a far looser term than previously.

You also compose instrumental songs and write song lyrics. Please tell us more about this and the similarities/differences in your songwriting to your poetry writing, along with your inspirations that help you to craft your songs and song lyrics.

I write lyrics in much the same way as I do poems. The only difference is I whack in a chorus and try to be stricter with the rhythm and rhyming structure. Musical composition is a totally different ballgame. I played a little bit of piano when I was younger, but I have next to no musical experience or even knowledge. Right now it’s more a learning exercise for me, so there’s not much I can say on it other than that.

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

I have no idea! I love wolves, and I think I once took one of those online quizzes that said I was more like a wolf than any other animal. So I’ll go with that. Or a honey badger; small and cute, but you don’t want to get on its bad side.

What were the hardest parts of “Syndrome” to write? And what were the easiest?

The blurb was the hardest. There’s no plot, no structure, no linear progression. Summing up everything in my writing into just a few lines was torture. And the easiest was the title; it was the first one I thought up and only one other came close in my mind.

Who are some of your favourite authors, historical figures, poets and poems?

Despite being a poet, I’ve never actually had the interest in reading it myself. As for historical figures, nobody stands out for me. Author-wise, I was a huge fan of the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. I started reading that when I was 6 or 7. Every time a new book was released I would reread the entire series, to make sure when I read the new story it fitted in properly. I read his Castaways of the Flying Dutchman books as well, which had a very different feel to them, but equally enjoyable. Then, for whatever reason, I just stopped reading.


What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I don’t. If the words aren’t flowing and the well’s run dry, I just sit and wait for the drought to end. It doesn’t usually last long, three or four days at most. The only method I use, if you could call it a method, is I scrap any works in progress if I haven’t added to it for two weeks.

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

Gaming, I suppose; Xbox, obviously. Watching stuff on Netflix. Sometimes I try to mimic socially acceptable behaviour and talk to people, but I’m a hermit at heart. Daydream. Maybe go for a walk; I love mountains, forests, lakes and waterfalls, so if I go on holiday I aim for that kind of country or region. And, of course, performing my poetry!

Regarding your subsequent projects, will you be writing another poetry book or do you have other projects in the pipeline?

There will, hopefully, be a second poetry book. I have a title and a cover already drafted (though they don’t fit, so I can only use one). I have plenty of material, and some of it is actually not terrible, so that’s definitely one target. I really, really, REALLY want to get an actual story written, but I lose interest after two or three chapters. Given the cynical and satirical humour I try to incorporate into some of my poems, and the self-deprecating style I deliver them with live, I’ve had a few suggestions of trying my hand at poetry-based stand-up, which I may try someday.

More than anything though, I would love to get some of the songs I’ve written played by a real-life band. I know I need to improve in that area first but that is the ultimate dream for me.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring poets?

Write for yourself, not for others. Because at least you know somebody will enjoy your work. Don’t force it, don’t try hard to please others. Write what you want to write, and write what you want to read. And never, ever stop.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for spending time with us today Matt, we look forward to checking out and enjoying your poetry book soon 🙂

I make it beer o’clock… 🙂


Matt - picture

Matt Seeley is a heavy metal fan, university dropout, sarcastic and cynical, has zero filter and is socially awkward. Describing himself as “just some guy from England” Matt has always let his writing do the talking (which is probably best, if you’ve ever heard a Brummie speak). Whether it’s his anger at the political climate, disgust at the state of society, or offerings of motivational musings, Matt’s poems are always blunt and to the point.

Combining anger, humour, anguish and wit, no topic is safe.

You can connect with Matt via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Ups, Downs & Deviations – Matt Seeley (FB)
Instagram:- @mattseeleypoet (Instagram)
Website:- Ups, Downs & Deviations – Poems and ramblings about anything and everything.

You can buy his books here:-

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