My Poetry Book Picks of 2017 which include @kenyon_Isabelle @verysoftlake & @erinisaway


My Poetry Book Picks of 2017 (in no particular order)

Sit.Stay. A. L. D. Chalom.


Not really much I can say about this book, apart from wow. Go get a copy, and read it.

Bangers. Erin Taylor.


Bangers made me feel all goosebumped.

Bangers is a part of the 2017 Ghost City Press Chapbook summer micro-chapbook Series. You can read Bangers for free.

White Wine and Medical Marijuana. Julia Cirignano.


Another book that I felt was a mature debut, and actually had some near perfect pieces of writing.

This is not a Spectacle. Extended Edition. Isabelle Kenyon.


I love the kind of poetry that notices other people. I loved the poems in This is not a Spectacle on Public Transport, because transport, and all of its travelers, are fascinating to me.

My Phone is about to Die and I hope it takes me with it…

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