Author Interview – Edward McKeown – “The Maauro Chronicles”, “The Robert Fenaday and Shasti Rainhell Chronicle”, “Knight In Charlotte” and “On The Case”(Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy & Crime/Detective Sci-Fi Comedy)

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And now, may I introduce to you all Sci-Fi and Urban Fantasy Author Edward McKeown, as he takes us off into the incredible worlds and realms of his imagination from the comfort of our own homes.

Thanks for reading and have fun folks as always 🙂


Hi there Edward, a sincere pleasure to have you over here to discuss your novels, along with the writing experiences behind their creation.

Let’s start with your books themselves. You have two distinct series that you are known for – “The Maauro Chronicles” and “The Robert Fenaday and Shasti Rainhell Chronicle”. Please tell us more about their plots and the differences/similarities between them, in terms of their themes/adventures that they take us on.

Thank you. The two series are set in the same Confederate Space universe in a similar concept to Larry Niven’s Known Space series. This way I have a consistent history, technology and aliens. The first series I summarize as “One man’s search for his wife’s lost starship.” She was the naval officer, he stayed home and ran a freight line. Robert Fenaday abandons the wealthy life of privilege he was born into to become a privateer to search for her.

Once Was A Hero

I wanted a character who, unlike a Captain Kirk, was not prepared for the role thrust on him and must struggle with it. To plausibly survive the transition, I had to team him with a genetically-engineered 6’9” trained assassin, the lovely and lethal Shasti Rainhell. This relationship ends up complicating his search across the original trilogy and leads to a spin-off stand alone book, Hidden Stars. These four books are my take on the classic “planet” stories as we battle across worlds. My style is to make each book a whole and entire adventure but each contributes to an overall arc of the character’s emotional evolution.

My Outcast State

About sixty years after these events, a disgraced military pilot, Wrik Trigardt, fallen in among thieves and spies, discovers a 50,000-year-old war android, made by an unknown race, abandoned on an asteroid base. The android reactivates and thus begins The Maauro Chronicles. A living machine, Maauro is the most powerful computer in the toughest body that anyone has encountered. But inside the war machine is an animus that is somehow essentially female. Maauro, now free from the ancient war she was designed as a munition for, finds the whole of life and the galaxy are open to her exploration. But conflict pursues Maauro and her new friend, as governments and the Thieves Guild vie against her.

In these volumes, three of which are out, and seven of which are complete, I explore what it means to be not merely an AI, but an artificial person. This issue is given easy and glossy coverage in SF with tons of sentient robots, but we cannot make life, nor restore it to something that was once alive. We do not even know how some inanimate chuck of matter made the transition between unlife to life. I think that such a thing will be rare, if they ever occur. Nor is it in my view merely a matter of continuously doubling processing power until, ta da, you arrive at something human. Personhood, the divine spark, will remain a mystery, even to Maauro.

A pure AI if it develops might ignore us entirely, as it would have nothing in common with us, no mutual needs or desires. An artificial person, the destination Maauro consciously sets off for, would be something that needs or desires much of what we do, love, beauty and meaning.


Maauro is a thoughtful attempt at exploring the life of such a being among the conflicts and action that surround her and Wrik. It is my take on the “robot” story but flavoured with a tribute to the anime characters who informed my view of Maauro, who in fact looks like an anime character (Motoko Kusanagi, Alita, Dorothy from Big O) for a semi-comic reason. It expands Confed Space with new races and new challenges. Again, like the Fenaday series, I make each book a complete adventure in its own right but with such a dynamic character. I do believe that you will be better off reading this series in order though.

You have also published Short Story collections including “Knight In Charlotte” and the unique, unconventional “On The Case (The Lair of The Lesbian Love Goddess Files Book 1)”, which is a collection of short stories with a novel narrative story arc. Please tell us more about their plots and unifying themes, along with fleshing out the backgrounds/worlds we will find ourselves thrown into when checking them out.

In “Knight In Charlotte”, which is an urban fantasy set in Charlotte NC present day, I follow Jeremy Leclerc, a Knight Templar who masquerades as a graphic designer, while fighting evil. Each short follows Jeremy, his incarnate guardian angel, Shadowheart and a cast of characters in adventures that run the gamut from straight fantasy, tinged with horror, to comedy, a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The intent here is to have an evolving set of characters who grapple, seriously and not, with the existential questions of God, evil and why we suffer. Jeremy is no devout monk, but makes Doubting Thomas look like a zealot. Practical rather than doctrinal, he finds time to work with the voluptuous vampire, Debbie Middleton and the demon banker of Charlotte…Bob.

Knight In Charlotte

On the Case takes place in the 24th century Spaceport of NY and is also tongue-in-cheek.  Everyman cop, Brian McManus, is teamed with the young, ambitious Regina Del Mar, as they battle crime in the future. This series takes McManus from the Port Authority of NY and NJ to being a private detective. Prominent in these stories is their relationship with a transgender beauty, Freddie Bouvier, underworld contact and later “Gal Friday” of the agency. Again, the shorts line up with the growth and development of the characters and their relationships. Humor underlies and supports most of my shorts and particularly here, as I explore this wacky future. Lair of the Lesbian Love Goddess was an inside joke in my writing group and the first short I published in a hardback book, Lowport by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. I might have given that title some more thought had I realised I would have to explain the triumph to my mother. “Hi Mom, look what I did.  Title…ah….er….”

On The Case

If any of the entries in your novel series (or Short Story series) were to be made into films (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles?

That is a tough one. Shasti Rainhell is 6’9” genetic superwoman, Maauro is a 5’4” fusion-powered android, Shadowheart looks either like a blonde teen girl or avenging dark angel such as Ryo might draw.

Still, with Gal Gadot tossing tanks around like beer cans and Rosa Salazar as a big-eyed, live action Alita Gunnm who can say? The special effects have evolved until they are almost impossible to distinguish from reality, particularly in Wonder Woman.

As for the guys: Well, Wrik Trigardt is in his twenties, Robert Fenaday in his 30’s and McManus in his 50’s (though all these folks live in times that humans live to 150 or better) and are more everyman characters, all around six foot and capable-looking.

Freddie Bouvier is transgender but prettier than most girls.

Like Ann Rice with Lestat, I have definite ideas as to how they look but like her I likely would have little to say about it. I would make sure if I could that Claudia Christian found a juicy role as she was kind enough to do an into for me for the second Fenaday book, Fearful Symmetry.

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

Something inquisitive and curious but capable of determination and resilience when confronted. My name traces all the way back to Ireland and McKeown originally meant, Clan of Owen (Otter). So, let’s go with an otter. I can be cute from some angles and low light.

Ed McKeown Bear Pic

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing? Do you have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in your stories?

Wonder and joy. I am sick and tired of dystopia and the future of scarcity and diminished dreams. I am going to dream big. I want to recapture the wonder of facing the new and unknown that was seen in Forbidden Planet and Star Trek and less of the fearful fleeing, of Alien (Game over man, game over) or the mindless flash and trash of Valerian. I use movie examples for you because if I used books in such a wide world of reading, I might pick ones that only I know.

Beyond that, I want there to show and value a sense of both love and courage. If you watch the black and white movies of the 1950’s with the WWII generation (many of the actors served), you see a determined, hard-edged human, often afraid but capable of dealing with their fear and resolutely facing their enemies. They understand and allow for failure, they do not allow for giving up. As for love, love will find a way, is a motto and an underlying theme in all of my writing.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

Finding time to write where I must also make a living and doing the secondary but very necessary tasks of marketing. Like most writers, I love to write. I have to spend time on developing a persona to attract the readers, I have to be a brand that catches their eye. I am a modest person by nature and do not enjoy either singing: me, me, me or networking for any purpose, other than the pleasure of meeting others.

Fearful Symmetry

Who are some of the authors, poets and/or historical figures that inspire you?

Andre Norton, whose visual descriptions of alien worlds and wonder moved me as a reader and gave me my love of SF and Jeff Sutton, whose book The Beyond I have had with me all my life. For a more modern reference, C.J. Cherryh and the most prolific of writers, Mike Resnick. Right now, I am reading and enjoying Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which is rather dystopian, but is very original.

I am a huge Otaku (fan of Japanese Anime) from Speed Racer to Ghost in the Shell, Erased and Fate Unlimited Blade Works. Japanese storytelling is very different to Western storytelling and that difference excites and interests me, so I try to incorporate some of its perspectives in my work.

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

It’s on an as necessary basis. For science-related questions, I search out those in the field.  Catherine Asaro once helped me with a reference to a Preon Star. I have some talented and smart friends in the science fields. I also draw on personal experiences for some internal verity about how my characters see, feel and perceive things from parachuting, gliding, martial arts and finding themselves in and out of love.

Ed McKeown Pilot Pic

I have been lucky enough to attend some good writing workshops like Orson Scott Card’s bootcamp and to learn from people who write in diverse fields.  One of my friends is Kim Wright (aka Kim Wiley) who writes in women’s fiction (for those of you who don’t know that’s the literature of how my gender disappoints her gender – a rich and endless field that accounts for most of the book market).

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I started late and in part because I was not finding the kind of books that I enjoyed reading. I also hit a couple of books that were such stinkers (don’t ask, I won’t name them) that I thought, “Good grief, I can do better than that!) I was initially quite wrong and that was arrogance. Later, I think I produced good work that I and others have enjoyed. The final call on that always rests with the reader.

A close friend, Tim McLoughlin produced a book called Heart of the Old Country, which was made into the movie, The Narrows but he also made me see that it was possible, though never easy. With his encouragement and real world example, I dipped my toe in the water.

What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

I have been fortunate never to hit the Big Block but when I find myself stopped or slowed on a project, I switch tracks. Always write something. As a martial artist, I frequently run into things I cannot do or do well. That does not mean I stop practicing the things I CAN do.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

Worry less, try a little harder outside your comfort zone. Kiss more girls.

Ed McKeownTheLost
















The Lost (The Maauro Chronicles) by Edward McKeown

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

I have a day job as most writers do. As for hobbies, I am a black belt (in Kung Fu we say Black Sash) and I specialize in classic weapons. Nicknamed the “Ghostsword”, I spend a lot of time whacking away at others with Lexan swords (after some minor incidents caused our master to request we stop using steel ones).

I build model spaceships, pencil sketch some and now do ballroom dancing, mostly waltz, tango, quickstep etc.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

Maauro continues to dominate my time. There are seven books lining up for my publisher Copper Dog Publishing in this series. I have begun work on the eighth and see several beyond that. I am 50,000 words into the first Jeremy Leclerc Knight in Charlotte book, which will come out over my own label Ad Astra (through Amazon) as did the prior book. That book will be done this year. I have some work done on a fifth book involving Shasti Rainhell but that one will have to wait. I will be at Libertycon, Ravencon and ConCarolinas this year, as well as some local Charlotte events.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?

I am a great advocate for writing groups and to exposing your writing to as much criticism as possible. But you must be like a sponge, take it all in, but squeeze out what you cannot use, or what betrays your inner muse. SF&F sometimes gets dismissive treatment from those devoted to “serious” literature but a diverse group will give you insights that an only speculative fiction group may not. It will call you out on any unconscious reliance on genre crutches and clichés. They will ask you the essential question of, “Why?”

The more constructive criticism you endure (and it is not always a painful process), the better you will write. But you must also realize that at some point it is done and more “whittling” can take your quarter-staff down to a toothpick. As Asimov observed, the first book must get done, for you to get to the second book.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you Edward for taking us on new and exciting journeys, we can’t wait to shoot off into outer space and enjoy the vivid realms you have created 🙂


Ed McKeown Profile Pic

Edward McKeown is best known for his Robert Fenaday/Shasti Rainhell series of SF novels set on the Privateer Sidhe. He has now debuted a new series set in the same universe, featuring a 50,000 year old android named Maauro and her friend, a disgraced pilot named Wrik Trigardt, as they battle governments and the Thieves Guild for their freedom in, My Outcast State, Against that Time and the new, The Lost.

Ed escaped from NYC, but his old hometown supplies much of the background to his humorous SF detective stories in the collection “On the Case” as his new hometown in Charlotte, North Carolina does for his “Knight Templar” urban fantasy series. He enjoys a wide variety of interests from ballroom dance to martial arts even occasionally choreographing some wedding swordfights. Ed has also edited five Sha’Daa anthologies of Tales of the Apocalypse.

You can connect with Ed via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Edward McKeown Author (FB)
Google Plus:- Edward McKeown – Writer, editor, black belt and dancer (Google Plus)
Twitter:- @EdwardMcKeown1 (Twitter)
Website:- The Website of Edward McKeown Author & Editor

You can buy his books here:-

Buy Edward McKeown’s books in the UK/Europe

Buy Edward McKeown’s books in the US/Rest of the World

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