Author Interview – Cassandra Penticoff – “Weathering the Wicked” (Chronicles of Folklaria Book 1) (Young Adult/Fantasy)

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And now on with the show, may I introduce you all to Cassandra Penticoff, as we take a closer look at her Young Adult Fantasy series and discover what her inspirations are to write and create.

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Hi there Cassandra, thank you for joining us today to discuss your debut YA Fantasy novel release, along with your own passions, influences and writing experiences.

Let’s start first with your novel itself “Weathering the Wicked”, which is Book 1 of the “Chronicles of Folklaria” series. Please tell us more about the plot and themes of your book, along with giving us more background about your lead protagonist June, her goals and challenges throughout the tale and also what kind of fantasy elements we can expect to find at the core of her adventures.

Taking the spotlight in “Weathering the Wicked,” is June. Life hasn’t been easy for her. Crippling anxiety, an over-protective mother, and bouncing from part time job to temporary work, she often feels lost in a sea of success just out of reach over the horizon. Especially when it comes to her perfect-as-can-be sister, January. June’s world is turned upside down when January mysteriously disappears, and June must embark on her journey to a magical land, Folklaria. Upon arriving, June discovers her real identity. Everything she knew about herself had been an illusion, a distraction from her true self, and a diabolical plan to keep her from her true destiny. Fighting her own feelings of inadequacy, little did she know, this was only beginning of a long and life-altering journey in Folklaria.

“Weathering the Wicked”, which is book 1 in the “Chronicles of Folklaria,” is different than most fantasy stories you will read. Sure, there is spell casting, wizardry, and fairies; but, what sets this fantasy story apart from most is its clear spiritual message. When I say, “spiritual,” I do not mean that it’s religious; rather, it focuses on a more universal and progressive approach to spirituality that most of the younger generations will be able to relate to.

During June’s time in Folklaria, you can expect to see June’s fear and anxiety get in the way of her destiny. June learns that she is prophesied to save an entire magical land from wicked magic, but is scared to death. She can hardy keep a job, let alone rescue an enchanted land from its impending doom.

If you loved the world that took place in the movie, “Avatar,” then you will love Folklaria.

Folklaria is a magical and spiritually-enlightening land. A land where every blade of grass, every tree trunk, and every wing of a butterfly is vibrant in color from the massive existence of magic and energy. Nature is adored by Folkaria’s inhabitants. Not worshipped. Protected. Wandering through Folklaria is like getting lost in a piece of art.

But don’t be fooled by it’s stunning landscape. Danger, darkness, and wicked energy is lurking around every corner.

Folklaria contains so much wicked energy, that ancestors of the wizards were forced to create a protective shield around the town of Xaris, just to spare everyone of the impending doom that thrives in the Outerlands.

Weathering The Wicked ebook cover.jpg

If your novel was to be made into a film (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles?

For the main character, June,  I would love to see Ashley Benson play her role! Her role in Pretty Little Liars is very similar to June and their appearance is similar as well.

For her sister, January, I can envision Dakota Fanning nailing this role.

For my male leading role, Ryder, I would cast Robert Pattison.

For the villain – there is no one I would rather see as Murdolf than Geoffrey Rush.

You also have a website called A Novel Connection. Please tell us more about what you do over there to help support indie authors.

Aside from writing, A Novel Connection is my passion. ANC offers free books to readers in exchange for honest reviews.

On the flip side, we offer readers a free review service, along with other paid services such as editing, graphic design, and web design.

A Novel Connection was born on a dream. When I created ANC, I dreamed of creating an opportunity for indie writers to help build their career without adding to the high expenses of producing a book. This was because I was slapped with the reality of how hard it is to be a successful author from my own experiences. At one point in time, an author really just needed to be a great writer and story-teller in order to produce books. Now, with self-publishing, you have to also be a marketer! For people new to the gig, it is very daunting.

I hoped that I could take some of the pressure off by creating this opportunity for authors.

A Novel Connection Banner

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

That is so easy: A wolf. When I think of spirituality and the powers of the universe, I think of the wolf. They’re often seen in many Native American stories and illustrations; of course, Native Americans were very spiritual. While I am a very spiritual person, I am not very open to people about it. For some reason, it seems to spill out of me and onto the paper.

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing? Do you have any writing quirks or themes that constantly crop up in your stories?

Spirituality and whimsical themes always seem to creep into my writing. The type of fantasy that I usually write is more fairytale-like, rather than the style of, say, Lord of the Rings or other adult fantasies. Fairies, princesses, and making dreams come true are usually present in my work.

What do you find the most difficult thing about writing? And what do you find the easiest?

The most difficult part for me is writing the first draft. To me, the first draft is all about getting the story onto the paper, while ignoring any sort of perfection. When I try to focus on making things too perfect in the first draft—which I usually do—I find myself getting writers block and losing inspiration to write the story.

The easiest part is writing the second draft and the drafts that follow. Once that first draft is written, the rest is so much fun! That is when I get to perfect my writing and add the detailed elements that bring the story to life.

weathering the wicked teaser SMALLER

Who are some of the authors, musicians, poets and/or historical figures that inspire you?

James Redfield, author of “The Celestine Prophecy,” inspires me the most. The Celestine Prophecy changed my view of the world and helped guide me through my spiritual journey. Growing up in a family who was very religious was something that I simply did not relate to. It made me stray from my spirituality. James Redfield showed me that a spiritual connection is more than what it seems to be in this world.

Many musicians inspire my writing, but if there was a band who could make the soundtrack of my book—it would be the Beatles…without a doubt!

What sort of research do you do to write your books?

Of course, it always depends on the book, but for this one, I had to research many things, such as: middle eastern folklore, folklore in general, prepping for a natural disaster, and meditation – just to name a few.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

I write because it’s therapeutic for me. Much like my main character, I struggle with anxiety and this is something that helps ease my nerves. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. I decided to take the final leap by writing and publishing a book because it was my childhood dream. I want to show my children that, no matter how far fetched it may seem, you can do anything want: That reaching for the stars will at least get you soaring in the sky.


What keeps you motivated during creative slumps? How do you deal with Writers Block?

Oh boy – writer’s block. I’m always trying to find new ways to beat it. Usually, I just start working on another book until my inspiration for it comes back. Sometimes, putting on native American music helps get me back in to the flow of my stories.

You have access to a time machine. What advice would you give to your younger self?

“STOP WORRYING! Worrying does you NO good and only hinders you from reaching your goals and following your dreams. It also keeps you from having healthy relationships. Oh, and a side note: You’re going to be an author one day!!!”

How do you spend your free time when you are not writing?

Free time? What is that? HA! Between writing, A Novel Connection, and my family, I don’t have much free time. But I love to sing and catch up with friends when I have the time. I also work very part-time as a substitute teacher for pre-schoolers—if you call that free time.


Tell us more about your upcoming projects. Are you working on anything specific or have plans in the pipeline?

Oh yes! This spring, I will be releasing an anthology with 7 other authors. This book will be a collection of familiar fairy tales told from the perspective of the villains. I am very excited for this to be released!

I also have book 2 of the Chronicles of Folklaria, which will release in late summer to fall.

I am in the early stages of starting a young adult series of unrelated fairy-tales, told in a new way that you have never heard.

Finally, are there any nuggets of wisdom that you can impart to other aspiring writers?


Network with other authors and soak up as much advice from them as you can. This is where I have received most of my knowledge on marketing—the part I THOUGHT I couldn’t do when I began all of this. Try not to only focus on marketing online because everyone does this. Get out there in the real world and do book signings, speak at events, etc.

Also, if you want to be the greatest writer you can be, then never stop reading! The more you read, the better writer you will be.

And that’s a wrap! Thank you for introducing us to your writing Cassandra, we can’t wait to delve into June’s world soon and immerse ourselves further into the land of Folklaria 🙂



C. Penticoff is owner of A Novel Connection. She is a fiction author and a professional badass.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two young children.

When she isn’t writing, she is working further on her business, A Novel Connection, in hopes of helping to #SupportIndieAuthors.

You can connect with her via the following Social Media channels:-

Facebook:- Author C. Penticoff (FB)

Twitter:- @c_penticoff (Twitter)


A Novel Connection – Free books in exchange for honest reviews

The Website of Author C. Penticoff

You can buy her books here:-

Buy C. Penticoff’s books in the UK/Europe

Buy C. Penticoff’s books in the US/Rest of the World

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