The Limitless Potential of Poetry

I wrote a piece on “Poetry Settings” for Jane Bwye, after we connected via an Author Interview for her African Historical Romance novels. You can find the article on her blog, along with some other interesting insights into other settings authors have used and there are links to her books there too 🙂

Jane Bwye

Today, I am privileged to introduce David Ellis, award winning poet,  whose thoughtful piece on settings without restriction has transported me into faraway places. I just love your mantra, David: I must remember it next time I venture out in a boat – perhaps it will work better than the wristbands I’ve used in the past.

PS – I’ve just had a look inside your collection – it’s poetry I can understand and relate to: I’ve bought a copy!


Poetry is such an extraordinary medium to experiment with, stuffed full to the brim of limitless potential, taking us all on exhilarating journeys to faraway places from the comfort of our own homes.

Just like Flash Fiction and Short Stories, you can literally write self-contained stories about anything and everything that takes your fancy, provided of course that you have something relevant to say in the underlying theme or message…

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