Author Interview – Rebecca Voss – “Stolen” (Mystery/Suspense/Christian Fiction)

Hello everybody.

As part of my ongoing Author Interview series, I’m very happy to announce the debut novel release of yet another interesting author, who has crafted a tale of mystery and intrigue.

Let me introduce to you all author Rebecca Voss, as she gives us some more background information on her novel “Stolen”.

Thanks for reading folks and have a great evening 🙂


Hi there Rebecca, very happy to have you over here today to discuss your debut novel release, along with your own passions, influences and writing experiences.

Let’s start first with your debut novel itself “Stolen”. Please tell us more about the plot, genre(s) and themes of your book, along with letting us know more about your protagonist Calvin Edwards, his motivations and what challenges he will face across the course of this literary adventure.

The book is about how a Christian couple manages to keep from falling apart after their two young daughters are stolen from their home. There are actually two protagonists; Calvin and Amanda Edwards.


If your novel was to be made into a film (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles?

Tom Hanks as Calvin and Julia Roberts as Amanda because they are both Christians and they have both funny and serious sides.

What would you choose as your own personal mascot or spirit animal when it comes to you and your style of writing?

My personal mascot would be a cat. I don’t sleep very much at night, I write (like right now!)

What do you think most characterizes or defines your writing?


What do you find the most difficult thing about writing?

The most difficult thing about writing is that I don’t get much sleep because I stay awake for too long!

And what do you find the easiest about writing?

The easiest thing is to write; as if the words just fall into place. I believe God is the writer, I am His humble typist.

Why do you write? What inspired you to become a writer?

God told me to write this book. I believe He “gave” this story to me so I can help others with their personal struggles by coming to know Him as their Lord and Savior.

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us Rebecca, well done for completing your first novel, what an amazing achievement! We all look forward to delving into your novel soon 🙂


Rebecca Voss is a mother of three children, step mother of two daughters and the Granny to four grandchildren. She lives with her husband, Steve and their cats, Tipperdoodle and Spunky. Stolen is her first novel.

You can buy her book here:-

Buy Stolen by Rebecca Voss in the UK/Europe

Buy Stolen by Rebecca Voss in the US/Rest of the World

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