Reading List #3: Books, Creativity, and Food

Some very interesting articles and reflections on the week kindly provided by writer Liz Ward.

Cats and Chocolate

Today something has shifted a little. Though I’m missing my sister, friends, and other family, I also made a bit of a loose to-do list last night that has given me a bit of structure to the day. My sleep has been all over the place, so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to have a perfect structure, but I’m also trying to give shape to each day. My reading the past week has reflected my interests a little more.

by Tucker Good, Unsplash.

I find comfort in certain things when life is uncertain – good food, nostalgia, books, animals, creativity. Sometimes helping other people gives more meaning when I’ve lost sight of what’s important. My husband suggested I try a game called Kind Words recently (available on Steam, link to a review below), and I also downloaded an app called Slowly, an international pen-pal app based on…

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