Launch of New PoArtMo Contest/Anthology!

Hello there everyone.

Now that NaPoWriMo is over (you can still celebrate though with The Auroras & Blossoms NaPoWriMo Anthology: 2020 Edition which is now available for pre-order), what else do we have to look forward to in the art world for the rest of the year?

How about an new inspirational artistic movement!

June 1st sees the launch of the very first PoArtMo (Positive Art Month) run by Auroras & Blossoms. For all of you who are sad that NaPoWriMo is finished, we strongly suggest that you take a look and check out our PoArtMo events, which we are celebrating through the month of June and also throughout the rest of the year too.

PoArtMo stands for two things: Positive Art Month and Positive Art Moves.

  • Positive Art Month is a month dedicated to positive art. Every June, artists around the world are invited to create and celebrate positive art for 30 days. It can be absolutely anything art related: photography, poetry, short stories, sculptures, drawings, theatre, etc.
  • Positive Art Moves celebrates positivity and inspiration in art all year long.

Through PoArtMo, we want to bring like-minded people together so they can strike valuable and inspirational partnerships. It is one of the most effective ways to create greater visibility for indie art.

PoArtMo is open to hobbyist, amateur and professional artists. There are several ways to participate:

  1. Add yourself to our list of participants
  2. Use #PoArtMo hashtag when posting your work on Twitter and Instagram, among other things.
  3. Take part in our PoArtMo 2020 Contest for a chance to win big in one of four categories: Visual, Audio, Writing, and Most Popular
  4. Submit your work for potential inclusion in our special PoArtMo 2020 Anthology

For more information on PoArtMo, visit:-

I look forward to seeing what you will create in June and the rest of this year!


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