In Conversation with Cendrine Marrouat and David Ellis, authors of A Particle of You

Check out this latest interview regarding my new book release – A Particle of You: Love Poetry 🙂 Thank you Berneta at The Waking Writer, I really appreciate the opportunity to be on your website 🙂

Waking Writer

What inspired you to create A Particle of You: Love Poetry?

Cendrine Marrouat: A few months ago, David mentioned that he was interested in releasing a collection of love poetry. Since I had wanted to do it on my end for a while, I figured that it would be fun to collaborate on that project together. Our two different styles always mesh in incredible ways, so I knew that the results would be interesting.

David Ellis: Cendrine and I are always looking for unique ways in which we can collaborate together. A lot of the poetry that I write is romantic or inspirational in nature and since we both share similar poetic interests, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to explore how complementary our styles are to each other.

What makes A Particle of You: Love Poetry different?

Cendrine Marrouat: To me, our book offers an uplifting vision of…

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