Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Field Work”

Hello world – you’re looking good today!

It’s kind of funny how you can’t wait to finish school and get a job and then later in life you become hungry for knowledge and wish you were back in school.

Or maybe that is just me.

I love learning new things.

I absolutely despise tests but prefer application of knowledge and it’s fun seeing how if you learn something if it can be applied to other areas of your life.

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Oops! Sorry! There is a tenuous link here somewhere, I promise.

Today’s fable is about preparation.

The prompt was “Homework”, so I tried to put my own humorous spin on the concept.

It also garnered a comment on submission, which I have included below – feel free to add your own.


Field Work (by David Ellis)

Cedric had done his research.

This time nothing was going to foil him in his plan.

He had researched all of the entry and exit points.

He had observed and tagged all of the sentries surrounding the item and worked out to the exact second when he would need to make his move.

The upcoming few moments would be the culmination of planning that he started early this morning when he picked up what was going on at the breakfast table, the radio in the background nattering away like a horde of excited grannies on their way to bingo.

This would be a military operational strike and he would swoop in and out like a seagull on a chip at the seaside.

He had been caught once before and the retribution had been devastating, they had hurt him severely and he hadn’t been able to walk for a week.

Cedric tapped his watch, as the anticipatory seconds ebbed away until the time was upon him.

He took out the first guard with practised ease, by throwing a distraction through the opposite window and they followed to investigate the noise.

This caught the attention of the second guard, who also required a distraction to take their mind off of Cedric.

Cedric tiptoed in to avoid the attention of the final burliest guard and slipped the item into his backpack.

He had almost made it back out of the door when a surprise sentry arrived home early from work.

“You off out Cedric?”

“Yes Pops, got to go!”

“Well don’t be too long – it smells like your Mother is making fish for supper. I wonder what is for dessert?”

Not a lot when my friends and I are done with it, thought Cedric.

Comment on Submission:- Field Work – ‘..the radio in the background nattering away like a horde of excited grannies on their way to bingo.’ Many good similes. Top 10


2 thoughts on “Flash Fiction / Short Story – “Field Work”

    • Hello again son.

      What was what? What was what what what? What? Errrr…the dessert? Not sure – I was hungry at the time that I wrote it so who knows – insert your favourite dessert here!

      I like how it is a very short story but it is like a military operation – there is preparation, deployment of decoys, a tactical strike and evacuation, all within the context of doing your homework. And it’s not a victimless crime but then there is no such thing as a free lunch/dessert!


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