Poem / Poetry – “The Box Rebellion”

It’s me again – did you miss me?

I’ve been working on a poem for you all.

I made this because I couldn’t come up with a decent story last weekend and I vowed to do something with the prompt, which was “Just a Thought”.

Also poetry is like rock and roll to the soul for me – it’s a blast!

Hope you enjoy this one, it has been a bit of a labour of love for me (I worked hard on this for a whole two days – that is like forever! I need to unwind, pass the wine)


The Box Rebellion (by David Ellis)

Travelling, travailing, to an unknown destination

A speck on the cusp of an hallucinatory horizon

These thoughts are unchained, ogress beasts

Once with bewitching beauty, now pallid, gone

Swallowing whole our codifiable pigeonhole

If you fit in, you’re infinitely more fathomable

Slotting together like grotesque human jenga

Demographic dictation is piquantly flavourable

Colloquially but then again not exclusively so

Membership in a club that grows and grows

Shattered, splattered, smothered, scattered

Keeping ideals means some must be thrown

Contextualised can ultimately be weaponised

Within the right reference or frame of mind

Are you truly in control of your rampant lust

When it slakes brightly behind eager eyes?

Acceleration, determination, forward at pace

Relentless, cold-hearted, a juggernaut chase

They often say you should live for the moment

So I say well then “Give me a moment’s grace!”

Emerging triumphant, a view that is askance

A confident lancer leaving nothing to chance

The world you once knew is corrupted, warped

Torpidity worn as a badge in a fanciful trance

It’s just a thought, a consciously lucid stream

Not really awake or even asleep it seems

We’re halfway there or maybe halfway dead

Embracing the latest box ticking regime

Adjust your reverie accordingly


One thought on “Poem / Poetry – “The Box Rebellion”

  1. I’m loving this line…”Torpidity worn as a badge in a fanciful trance” I’m struggling to fully understand what it means but the line just grabbed me! Nice one!

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