Poem / Poetry – “Just a Phase We’re Going Through”

Hello poetry lovers.

Felt like knocking a little ditty up today, so here we go – hold on to hats/chili dogs/frocks/purses/poodles and/or paper moustaches because this one is going to be a real humdinger!

This poem was inspired by a number of things including the film Robocop

(indirectly of course, when he goes a bit bonkers – and that’s the only hint you’re getting!)


“Just a Phase We’re Going Through” by David Ellis

A grin made of cheese

Lovers dance beneath

Its luminescent gaze

Fragile thoughts, across the surface

Strong of arm, steps and leaps of purpose

Cavernous conundrum

Wind swept crater

We all need our space

At one time or the other

When we land on our feet

Might as well be butter side up

Howling like ancient wolves

The need to feed consumes us

Bonds are forged on nights like these

Whispered in ears, surreptitious thieves

Scholars, scientists, artists, explorers

Illuminating all of life’s shadowy corners

Naked eye eclipsed, a perspective mangled

A cycle that is spherically entangled

Getting caught in a whirlwind of time

Leaning heavily on a burdened brain

Smiles as big as crescent canyons

But no atmosphere/companions

Raw ingredients, knocked-off chemistry

A blustery, illustrious kind of bombastry

Slowly beginning to reveal its secrets

Until you’ve had your fill at nights

Now it’s over, you’re feeling blue

Not a miracle, we just decided to go

A symbol that all of our hearts knew

Just a phase we’re going through

There’s always time to embrace something anew


7 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Just a Phase We’re Going Through”

    • Thanks for the comment – I’m not entirely sure what was going on at the point that I wrote that bit. I think I may have been having a Dr Seuss moment – the Doctor was definitely calling to me!

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