Poem / Poetry – “Let’s Call It a Day”

Hello and welcome to Poetry Night by me, your host, TooFullToWrite.

This really is the best job in the world.

Well that and this:-

You and me Scott – let’s make that Petting Zoo happen!

And now for the poem – hope you enjoy it and comments are always welcome.


Let’s Call It a Day (by David Ellis)

Taking bold risks on some bad eggs

Finding yourself back on the shelf

And now you’re fighting below the belt

Digitized, dangerously displayed

Ornamentally organised but caged

Fragments of antiquated truth still remain

Settling into a motley groove

Nothing left to prove, pursue

No choice left but to let yourself cut loose

Cogs turn through this wizened life

The way the wheel turns is divine

Water spilled as precious as if it were wine

Dilated, pupated anachronisms

Syrupy, serendipitous dreams

From page to mouth via expressionism

Dulled senses, potent sedative

Censored, rough edges edited

Picturesque, a suitably macabre postcard

Controversial decisions

Sensations or experience

Balance your brilliance, distil your essence

Holding firm, resolute or absolute

Entropy can’t be the only route

A paradoxical farce with but one use

Play the game, find the clues

Intrepid explorers on the move

Intimidated by a Machiavellian world

Why not keep all things simple

Refrain from becoming medieval

Engineering engorgement on general principle

Concordant conjecture

Dominates social media

Until we’re all courting disaster

Convenient or expedient

A lover’s incorrigible lament

The future harshly judging the present

So we navigate with a swing

Shadows cast, a bell rings

Exotic yet disintegrating

Linear right from the beginning


13 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – “Let’s Call It a Day”

    • Thanks Becca – very kind of you to read it and comment.

      I miss not having any pets – one day I will have a whole menagerie of them in the future!

      Still adoring both your stuff and Jason’s funny guest posts – will have to comment more myself when I have time.


      • Yep, we miss ya over there. I have two dogs and two fish tanks. My favorites in the fish tanks are the snail named speedy and a frog named hoppers who swims like the fishes.

  1. Looking so forward to tomorrow – the shortest day of the year…
    Then by small increments the day will lengthen.
    Sometimes after running after a two year old – I’ll call it an afternoon!
    The body may age but always, always young at heart.
    Words are like pearls…they are meant to be strung… 🙂

    • What a lovely comment, such a nice poem, thank you!

      I still need to work on my most recent post, need to give you all another poem, hope to get it out in a day or so.

      Words can create a whole whorl of pearls that every boy and girl can appreciate at any age if they engage and let their minds unfurl!

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