Short Story / Flash Fiction – “Sentimental Value”

Hello folks.

I’m two things this week.

Early and angry.

I missed the Competition Window slot again by the skin of my teeth – if I’d had one more lousy stinking minute I would have made it too!

This made me feel like this to begin with:-


Then I thought “At least I have another piece of Flash Fiction I can share and I don’t have to wait until next week now.”

So, we’re all winners.

Well you are anyway and I will be if you comment 🙂

Enjoy my friends.

P.S. The prompt was The Evidence by the way, which happens to also be an amazing song by Faith No More (minus the “The”), which I also found inspiring for this particular story – check it out if you have the time and worship at the altar of Mike Patton!

[Evidence by Faith No More]


Sentimental Value (by David Ellis)

The walls were bleeding now.

Shedding their viscous tears without a care in the world.

“Another biscuit to go with your cup of Earl Grey Officer?” She twinkled and wrinkled her nose towards the policeman.

“Thank you Mrs Greene, very kind of you.”


“Thank you Sally – I do like the ones with cream in the middle.”

“They’re my favourite too.”

Officer Hadron supped his tea noisily, savouring every drop like his life depended on it. He picked up his notebook and thumbed through the pages, licking his fingers occasionally.

“We’ve had reports off things going missing in the area Sally. Knick-knacks mostly.”

“Knick-knacks officer?” Sally’s voice was politely inquisitive as she glanced at the wall again, which was now becoming a darker shade of red and oozing like a sticky, gooey river of syrup.

“Curios Ms Greene…..Sally. Antiques. Watches, brooches, rings, necklaces. Items of great sentimental value.”

“Oh yes, I understand.”

Officer Hadron peered carefully over the top of his glasses at her in an appraising matter.

Seems like a bit of a daft old bat, like she’s away with the fairies half the time, he thought to himself.

“Well we don’t want to take up too much of your valuable time Sally, we just wanted to inquire if you had heard anything or seen anything suspicious?”

“Mmmmmm me? Oh no, nothing at all.”

The wall was threatening to explode all over them in a geyser, spraying them both with the fetid stench of guilt.

“Is something the matter Sally?”

“Oh no Officer, I’m just thinking about my son, he’s been away for so long.”

“Is he in the army?”

“No, he’s gone overseas with his girlfriend.”

“So you’re here on your own?”

“I manage Officer, I have few possessions of value in my humble abode, I imagine I will be perfectly safe from this crazy kleptomaniac you speak of.”

“Well if you hear of anything then here’s my card, give me a call, it could be very important.”

“Thank you Officer, let me see you out.”

Officer Hadron picked up his hat and headed for the door.

“When will your son be back? I suspect you miss him dearly?”

“Oh I do Officer, I do but I always feel as if part of him is here with me and will be forever.”

She stared at her slippers and noticed that there was a red patch on them. Officer Hadron looked at them and caught her gaze.

“Dropped a bit of strawberry cheesecake on them!”

Officer Hadron shrugged and left.

“Good one Mum!” said Tom from behind the wall cavity.

“Shut up Tom – you only have sentimental value to me now, unlike that stuff you stole. I hope it keeps you happy in there!”

And with that she went to get more cheesecake from the fridge.


You still here? Watch this too – another piece of inspiration for this piece – you’re welcome!

[In The Walls by stellastarr*]


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