Daily Prompt – “Flangiprop” – Call 1-800-FLANGIPROPREALTORS today!


Let’s take a look at today’s WordPress Daily Prompt (thank you Michelle W):-

WordPress Daily Prompt – Flangiprop

Daily Prompt 1/02/2013 – “Invent a definition for the word “Flangiprop,” then use the word in a post.”

OK then – let’s go!

FlangipropNoun – A revolutionary new type of property on the housing market, which has coined the following phrase “A house constructed of and from pure aural gold.”

Derived from the words:-

“Flanging”Pronounced ‘flan-jing’, the act of mixing two audio signals together, with one being delayed by a small and slowly changing period producing an output signal with peaks and troughs in a harmonic series.


“Property”Pronounced Duuuhhhh! – Do I really have to spell this out to you? Ruddy hellfire, I have to do all of the bleeding spadework here and it’s not as if I’m being paid for it, rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb…….1. A thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively (No, not that one Karl Marx, try again). 2. A building or buildings and the land belonging to it or them (Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner, tell ‘em what they’ve won Bob!)

Daily Prompt – Flangiprop – Call 1-800-FLANGIPROPREALTORS today!

Centered in the lovely town of Jazzville, TempoTranquility, you can appreciate the beautifully sumptuous vistas, elegant marble fixtures and ambient nature of this gorgeous building. Imagine a castle that has been blown apart and then reconstructed by the love child of M C Escher and Frank Zappa – this is artistry and musicality on a different scale!

Noisy neighbours? F*ck them! You have a house made of pure sound, drown them out, tell ‘em to clear off and ride back on the horse they rode in on!

The property is endlessly customizable and contains the following highly sought after designer features:-

1. A marble staircase that plays higher notes of a scale for each step you ascend – why not re-enact that classic scene in the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks but please renew your life insurance first. We had a hell of a job cleaning up after the last tenant, you’d think the family would have helped out. Some people.

[My my, that’s a big one!]

2. Walls made of lithium crystal that sync chamber music to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTelevision, iRadio, iCloud and Ironing Board (can’t do boring ironing without some kind of distraction to numb the pain, suffering and muffle your cries of agony – lousy, stinking, stupid ironing!)

3. Luxury seats that double as ghetto blasters – position them correctly folks for hours of fun for both ladies and gents, if you know what I mean 😉 If not then follow this link:-

A Lesson for the Uninitiated

4. The garage transforms into a music studio! Invite P Diddy/Daddy/Doddy/Olly Olly Oxen Free to cut out some mad jams and drop some keerazy-ass beats, while you quaff Cristal champagne and muse on 16th Century Renaissance Art & Poetry. Probably. I don’t know the guy personally but I hear from my good friend Dave that he’s the sweetest guy to ever wield an AK47. Did I say AK47? I meant a hairdryer.

5. The bathroom/toilet pipes in orchestral swells to complement all of your triumphs and tribulations while sitting on the throne of your musical kingdom. If you’re planning on pulling an all-nighter, the sweet dulcet tones will keep you serene throughout your ordeal, whereas for those times that you’re in a rush – ‘Beethoven’s Rage Over a Lost Penny’. When you’re spending a penny and are in for both a penny and a pound, accept no substitute:-

[Pennies from heaven or more likely the bowels of hell – heh heh!]

6. Master bedroom. Welcome to paradise. Nothing here but endless loop of Prince, Barry White and Grand Master Flash. And this. Welcome to the love palace baby.

[Love to Love the Lovage Baby!]

7. Kitchen.

(No seriously, nothing unique here. Stop playing with your food Garfield, it’s bad for you.)

8. And finally, deep in the very heart of this palatial masterpiece, at the very epicentre of its magnificent core, you can hear the sound of angels singing and this:-

[The Sparks are Really Flying!]

‘So how much will this cost me?’ I hear you cry.

Not quite as much as you would imagine, especially if you compare it to say the budget of a Hollywood action movie.

Or a major rap artist (Snoop/Cube – don’t leave me hanging guys, I need something soon, I’m running out, I’m in danger of being kicked off the leadership board, hit me back soon OK?

Only $300 million to own one of these prime time real estate babies – this is the ‘pitch’ of the century folks!

Act now before it’s too late!

Operators are standing right by the phones for your call. Not actually standing, it’s a figure of speech.

(Pay quickly – we charge interest!)

Don’t delay, call 1-800-FLANGIPROPREALTORS today!




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