Daily Prompt – Think Global, Act Loco….I mean Local! Doing My Bit for Humanity…and Beyond!

Well looky what we have here.

I’ve had another go at the Daily Prompt – it’s infectious!

[Are you going to stop me? You and whose army?]

Daily Prompt: Think Global, Act Local
by michelle w. on February 2, 2013

Daily Prompt – Think Global Act Local

“Think global, act local.” Write a post connecting a global issue to a personal one.

Thanks for the great idea, Veronica!


Daily Prompt – Think Global, Act Loco….I mean Local! Doing My Bit for Humanity…and Beyond!

There are a huge number of issues that affect us all globally.

I’d like to offer up my ideas on how we can solve some of these issues personally because not all of us are billionaires who can throw bricks of cash at the situation – think of this as a guide for the rest of us!

(Billionaires – I mean no disrespect to you all personally – this is not a slur on your sterling work, by all means keep ploughing your hard earned money into these issues and if you have any left over, I could always use more essentials like biscuits and a new computer).

Population – I’m happy to contribute to this particular issue. And by contribute, I mean contribute as in if there any eager and willing females in the area. If you know what I mean ;). If you don’t then I refer you to the lesson in yesterday’s post.

Power/Electricity Consumption – Here’s a notion – Why not turn off all of the lights at your house at night? You must know where everything is by now, having no doubt lived there all of your life. Why do you need light to see by that is available to you free in the daytime? Also, who hasn’t read a novel or watched a film and fancied being in a real life haunted house? Without all of the stabby, murdery killer types of course.

Decolonization – Nope. I’m not getting anything done to my colon, no matter how much you pay me!

Global Warming – How about leaving your Fridge/Freezer doors open every so often? I’m sure this will cool the temperature down very rapidly.

Water Shortage – Not a problem now Fridge/Freezers are being left open.

Health – Eat more salad, fruit and vegetables. Go to the gym more regularly (sorry, what? More regularly? I don’t think I’ve ever been). Stretch a little. Walk a little further to work. Eat less fatty/sweet things……oh come on! Now that’s too flaming far! If I have to endure the sweet chilling embrace of death a little quicker, due to my sweet tooth then so be it. You’re on your own on this one, I’ll see you down the pub and then maybe back to mine later for tea and Haribo, don’t be late.

International Law – I’m not really qualified to go into detail regarding this one. Especially since I believe that the best way to tackle issues with the law is to introduce someone like Judge Dredd into the legal system – then we would see some serious results!

G8:- Too Much Power? – G8? Isn’t that some kind of computer/video games console? No? OK, don’t know, don’t care.

Racism – That’s not a problem for me, I can’t run very fast at all.

National Debt Crisis – You know what must be done banks. Yes I’m talking to you and the fat cats that own them, so listen up. Cancel all debts everywhere including on a government/national/universal level. Then we will all love you again. And we know you want our love dearly, since it will leads to big sacks of money flowing into your gigantic coffers. You sly, coy, little devils, you. Since I had this great idea, please start with me first, since I called it. If that’s too much to ask for, could you at least provide us all with cake at your branches? I think that will be an acceptable compromise.

Foreign Aid – A type of fizzy drink? No? I could of sworn it was.

Ageing – Just act like a child all the time and everything will be fine.

Tax Avoidance – Nice work if you can get it.

Remember – it doesn’t take much to make the world a better place, we can all do our bit….even if I’m not entirely sure what my bit is yet – I’ll get back to you on that.


8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Think Global, Act Loco….I mean Local! Doing My Bit for Humanity…and Beyond!

    • Thank you – what a nice comment, I’m glad you found it funny! I feel like I have done a good job now.

      I’ve read your blog post and the details are superb.

      I happen to agree with the sentiment, I always believe that if people are more resourceful then this could be used to tackle the unemployment problem significantly but I think it boils down to attitude, determination and perserverance too – you have to want to embrace resourcefulness and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. For me, it is deep within my core!

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