Daily Prompt – Karma Chameleon – Having karmic problems? Why not “Re-Ink Your Re-Inc” today before it’s too late – we’re waiting for your call!

Daily Prompt – Re-Incarnation
by Michelle W. on February 8, 2013

“Reincarnation: do you believe in it?”

I think this one strongly lies with the individual and their own personal/religious beliefs.

I can’t say that I’m particularly inclined to believe in reincarnation because it raises too many doubts in my mind, although I do believe in being a good person and setting a great example to others.

However, for the purposes of this post and the entertainment industry, I am going to be like ‘The Man from Del Monte’:-

[He Say Yes!]

This will then allow me to do this and I mean no offence to anyone’s religious views either, hence:-

[We mock what we don’t understand! Which is pretty much everything]


Having karmic problems? Why not “Re-Ink Your Re-Inc” today before it’s too late – we’re waiting for your call!

Hello, my name is Sir Edgar Williams Wainthrop III but you can call me Percy.

My family business has been established for the past 127 years and we pride ourselves on doing an excellent job each time, every time.

Have you been wrongly reincarnated for a karmic crime you didn’t commit?

Do you suffer from:-

1. Always making bad decisions in romantic relationships?
2. Desire to eat nothing but junk food?
3. Lousy job?
4. Stress related anxiety at having to act and behave like a normal human being rather than play games and have fun all day long?
5. Headache?
6. Fever?
7. Loss of appetite?
8. Bad haircut?
9. Ingrowing toenails?
10. Being missed out on the tea round at work? (and not just once, I mean regularly, I know I don’t go often myself but good grief, does a man have to die of thirst around here and be re-incarnated in a brew then drink himself? Blimey!)
11. Belly button fluff?
12. A bad nut in a bar of Whole Hazelnuts Milk Chocolate? (Oh come on, everyone gets at least one of those every so often but you ignore it because the chocolate covers up the foul taste!)
13. Ill-fitting pants that really chaff your wotsits? (Really? Glad to see I’m not the only one)

If you are suffering from any or all of these afflictions, chances are you could be due some karmic compensation.

We’re confident that we can reincarnate you in the life of your dreams or your consciousness back*.

How can we do this you may ask?


Because we were and still are Napoleon, George Washington, St Francis of Assisi, Leonardo Da Vinci and every other famous person whoever lived and by jove that means we can do whatever we damn well please!

So if you feel like you’ve been living the same life over and over, with no way to break out of this vicious cycle then you need to laugh in life’s face, give it a smack in the chops and call the experts.

Let us “Re-Ink Your Re-Inc” today!

Don’t just sit there and take it – rise up, pump your fists and yell at the top of your lungs:-

[We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore!]

Remember, life was made to be worth living, just not as a goldfish.

(Unless you were a goldfish before, in which case sorry goldfish but you do have a pretty boring life and you won’t take it personally in 3,2,1……ok.)

Remember, life was made to be worth living, just not as a goldfish…..wait, didn’t I just say that?

*Certain restricted Terms and Conditions apply. “Re-Ink Your Re-Inc” and its affiliates are not responsible for the state of your consciousness or lack thereof after you have made the transition. 0% interest on all new “Re-Inc’s” if claimed before inception. This offer cannot be part-exchanged for any other offer pertaining to the afterlife including soul part exchange, buy-back schemes or pacts with the devil. Your statutory rights are not affected, in that you don’t really have any here. I know, it’s terrible but we all have to make a living, this is not my only gig you know but it pays the most and keeps my kids in Transformers action figures, so have a heart, put up and shut up. Get out of here, we don’t have all day. In this life at least.

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11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Karma Chameleon – Having karmic problems? Why not “Re-Ink Your Re-Inc” today before it’s too late – we’re waiting for your call!

  1. Can’t stop laughing! So ridiculously good. For some reason your goldfish comments made me think of the whale and the potted plant springing into life in the Hitchhikers Guide book…

    • Cheers Matt – glad the goldfish bit tickled you, it’s really nice to get comments like this because then I know that somebody else actually enjoys what I’m up to. I think it was the memory wipe thing of goldfish that made me think that they kind of get reincarnated every four seconds, which is why I put it in there! I’m a big fan of Monty Python and Hitchhikers, they have probably warped me into the fantasy fiend that I am today, which I reckon is no bad thing!

  2. Pingback: Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon … The answer is in your faith | Fasting, Food and other musings by determined34

    • Glad you found it fun and nice pun too! Good luck with the Flash Fiction and look forward to reading more of your pieces. I really enjoyed your picture poem with sausages and snacks from the other day!

  3. Pingback: IN HER OLD AGE « hastywords

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