Daily Prompt – Cupid’s Arrow – Poem / Poetry – “Feasting on Feral Feelings”

Daily Prompt – Cupid’s Arrow
by Michelle W. on February 14, 2013

“It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!”

It’s like all my birthdays have come at once! Thank you Michelle W. for the lovely Valentine’s gift, of course I will write poetry, it would be rude not to!

Amazingly, this romantic holiday falls on a Thursday, which just so happens to be Poetry Day for me – everything’s coming up roses again!

If you’re reading this on the day then a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your significant other!

And if you’re single then I hope you still enjoy the sentiment, there’s a little present at the end for you 🙂 – thank you my readers, I love you all!


Feasting on Feral Feelings (by David Ellis)

She could pounce like a tiger, a cougar on the range
When she digs her claws in, it’s impossible to escape
Feels like I’m jumping with no parachute, into the sea
Sinking to the bottom of an ethereal, underwater city

If I make the mistake of letting her through the door
Cannot fake euphoria, I’m on the floor begging for more
A delicious, burlesque carnival of carnality begins
Her glamour is much greater than a shower of diamonds

Sweeter than any fruit plucked from a blossoming tree
I’m drunk on her tune, she croons it oh so softly
Floating on a bubble of champagne mixed with fun
Romance electrifies the air, two hearts beating as one

She’s sending me messages, a veritable network of signals
Broadcasting winks, nods, nudges on salacious channels
You can fight her if you dare and at your own peril
But if she finds you unprepared, your feelings will go feral

Creatures of the night when we embrace our passions
Wild beasts conviving in intoxicating abandonment
When we’re holding the world in the palm of our hand
Nothing seems impossible, nothing seems to taste bland

Finding the maps to navigate these uncharted waters
An arrow leads the way, heading straight right for us
When it pierces us deep, stroking our amorous cores
The volcanic desire erupts and there are no survivors

We are heading on a journey of discovery and destiny
The more we learn about each other, the greater the intensity
Celebrating each and every day as if it were ornate treasure
The pleasures of the flesh, there can be nothing finer

So grab your partner, some candy and some gorgeous flowers
Scented candles and oils, an aromatically powerful balance
Sensually indulge senses, true feelings, let your love grow
Leave those dirty dishes until you’ve finished tomorrow

And if you’re single and can’t get physical
Curl up with a book, film, wine, nice meal
Treat yourself like a king or a queen
And let’s raise a glass to next time

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12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Cupid’s Arrow – Poem / Poetry – “Feasting on Feral Feelings”

  1. Pingback: UNENDING LOVE « hastywords

    • Very kind of you, thank you. I read yours too and it was excellent, very believable despite being fiction. I particularly like the rhyming of the lines at three/feed and about the boy being four/having salty blond hair, such a lovely story that flows effortlessly and all the better for being a poem too!

  2. Pingback: Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow … in the Southern Sky it flew yesterday!s | Fasting, Food and other musings by determined34

    • Very kind of you to say so. I do have alot of passion and belief in what I do. You write with purpose, grace and very engaging ideas and processes. Your posts are definitely ones that I enjoy to see on the Daily Prompts, it is a pleasure to experience another writer concerned with the quality of their words.

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