Daily Prompt – Proud – Poem / Poetry – A Double Edged Sword

Daily Prompt – Proud
by Michelle W. on February 15, 2013

“When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?”

My parents are very proud of me, particularly my Dad who says it all the time.

[Alicia Keys – Where Do We Go From Here?]

*tumbleweed blows past*


There must be something I can do….what’s inspiring? I know, food!

Pickles? Pizza? Pizza Pizza Pizza Pie? Something beginning with P, maybe not food.

Portraits? (Nope, I can’t even draw stick men correctly)

Poe? (Not today Edgar)

…..Wait, something is coming through………hello? Ah yes………..


Yes that’s what I will do! Thank you kindly ‘Ole Betsy (me muse).


A Double Edged Sword (by David Ellis)

Pride can be a sword
That can stab you in the back
Don’t be the one
To take the fall
If confidence is what you lack

Hate can be a mistake
A jealous enemy you can forsake
Consumed by evil
You derail your goals
Hampering any progress you make

Be proud of yourself
Focus on all your achievements
Look at how far
That you have come
The lives touched now have purpose

Face your fears
Your mind is now crystal clear
An ocean of serene calm
Where once was a storm
Now you’re the pilot and the bombardier

Asking for help
Is not a weakness
And neither is
Helping others

So wear your proudness
On your sleeves
And remember
To inspire others
As they have done for you

A perfect circle
That makes us all complete
No need to compete
No need for anger, fear, loathing
Just love and peace

And for those who want a little bit more cream cheese for their pie, how about this first:-

[Greenback Boogie – Ima Robot]

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