Daily Prompt – Far From Normal – Hell, I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed or be Normal!

Daily Prompt – Far From Normal
by Michelle W. on February 18, 2013

“Many of us think of our lives as boringly normal, while others live the high life. Take a step back, and take a look at your life as an outsider might. Now, tell us at least six unique, exciting, or just plain odd things about yourself.”

Only six???! You’re killing me!

Actually six unusual, unique and/or interesting facts about me is quite a conundrum, in terms of coming up with stuff that you might actually want to read.

I hope you enjoy this little insight into the mind of me – if you don’t then I refer you to point 1 below – watch out, I know Kung Fu!

Sort of.

[“I know Kung Fu!” “Show Me!”]

1. I have garnered several nicknames, the most prominent and long standing has been KungFuDave. My legendary prowess is so great that people believe I can actually do Kung Fu, when simply I used to watch a ton of Jackie Chan films! My brother took Wing Chun lessons and I was successfully able to block/parry some of his moves through ‘muscle memory’ (the brain is a muscle, so it still counts) simply by thinking “WWJCD” – No, not Jesus, Jackie Chan!)

I have always respected Jackie Chan’s philosophy that he was more into the physicality of a scene rather than the violence, he was all about the action/comedy and would only fight if he couldn’t escape. To me, I’ve always seen myself as a resourceful person when it comes to tackling problems, which to me means that he has successfully delivered the message that he set out to do. It’s not about taking down ten guys in a room but how you could outwit them with both brains and brawn. You know – like this:-

[Never bring a sword to an Indiana Jones fight]

Incidentally my other monikers are:-

a). MC EllisD for music – pronounced Em C EllisD (although I once nearly burst into tears when a friend’s partner asked “What is Mac EllisD? Are you part of the Saver Menu at McDonald’s range or are you from Scotland?”) and;

b). Chili Dog, on account of my hankering for jalapenos.

2. Since I’ve spent an awful lot of time in the past watching Chinese cinema (Stephen Chow Sing Chi and Chow Yun Fat films were additional favourites to Chan), I’ve picked up some useful phrases in Cantonese including a smattering of swearwords, and other essential phrases including “Drop your gun!”, “Beat him up!”, “Give me the bill!” and “Run quick, Fatboy!”


3. I have a deep love of dogs (I adore cats and other pets too but I’ve developed a real kinship with dogs). I had a dog for the first time in my life with my ex-partner (she was a lovely Staffordshire Bull Terrier and really friendly…..no, not the ex-partner, the dog). Now that I am single, I’d love to have a dog more than anything in the world but I’ve got nowhere I could keep one. This often leads me into (almost) uncontrollable urges where I want to hug and cuddle every dog I see. Even the ugly ones.

4. As a (now published) writer with aims of being an author, I would still like to be a successful musician too, having recorded a couple of albums several years ago. My dreams of becoming a writer were realised quite quickly when I started applying myself, so I’d like to put my hands to other things. I would love to emulate one of my heroes (Mike Patton from Faith No More) and front multiple bands.

Spreading myself thinner than wallpaper paste doesn’t even begin to cover it but I have faith in myself that I’ll achieve all my goals in the end and if I don’t then you’re hardly going to care, are you?

Thanks for that, appreciate it.

5. I don’t watch television. I still watch TV seasons and films on Netflix but the creative freedom extended to me by not having television is phenomenal – without hours of (mindless) TV, you can truly conquer the world (I mean no disrespect to certain television but there is certainly an unhealthy amount of dross being pumped out to subdue the masses).

I’ll always remember what Bill Hicks once called TV – “Lucifer’s Dream Box.”

I wonder what Lucifer watches in his crib.

“Oh, some of those reality TV show contestants are so annoying, seriously, they can go to hel……no wait, hell no, not in my house!”

6. I have a voracious appetite for comedy, both watching/reading it and writing it, to me there is no greater thrill in life than to make people laugh. If I can make you laugh (OK, some of you……..OK,one of you……maybe) then I can be happy.

So laugh you monkeys or face my terrible ire!

Just let me put this cute little puppy dog down first.

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9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Far From Normal – Hell, I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed or be Normal!

  1. #5 I don’t watch TV either, except for my one quilty reality TV pleasure….The Biggest Loser.

    Ever since I quit my real full-time, high paying job, last year, I am spread thin too. This not working buisness keeps me busy!

    Great post!

    • Glad you enjoyed it and very nice of you to say so. I don’t really mind the concept of some of these shows, it’s just the contestants tend to rub me the wrong way frequently. I’d watch them to fill time but given the choice between TV and creating something, I’d rather be making something. I guess I’d prefer to participate myself, in order to learn something from the experience rather than be a bystander appalled at either the treatment of the indiviudal or how they treat others. In terms of being spread thin, I guess I would rather be busy than not but don’t push yourself too hard! Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it.

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  4. Thanks for the pingback. I, too, love dogs and have a hankering for one. I don’t go as far you in petting the ugly ones. Ahh swear words in a foreign language — those are the best. 😀 And today’s TV really is a joke.

    • You’re welcome Erica. I reckon foreigners would welcome swear words, as it shows you have taken the time, effort and interest to learn their language.

      (Of course, if anyone wishes to follow this dubious advice then it might be worth learning the telephone number of your National Embassy as well just in case!)

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