Daily Prompt – Buffalo Nickel – Poem / Poetry / Song – “Adios to Painful Mementos”

Daily Prompt – Buffalo Nickel

by Michelle W. on February 24, 2013

Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

[A short history of the Buffalo nickel – stop yawning at the back and show some respect!]

Thanks for the great idea, Melanie!

Hello everyone.

I feel like writing a poem/song today because that was the deal that we originally made with each other for Thursdays.

You do remember the deal, don’t you?

When we originally decided to sacrifice that goat….?

[Goooat! Noooooo!]


We also got wasted and tried to make out with the Head Nun at St Albansteenkirketen but she rolled us both down a hill, until we banged our heads on the ornamental dinosaur fountain.

Still nothing?

You must remember that bit when it took eleven hours for the police helicopters to find us and we ran across country in nothing but our pajamas then we had to stage an elaborate escape in a bar full of mirrors.


We ate peanut M&M’s.

Ahhhhhhhh, now you remember!

OK then, a poem – let’s subvert that darn prompt thingamujig again!


Adios to Painful Mementos (by David Ellis)

Travelling back in time
To a place that causes pain
All I need to get there
Is a special type of coin

What will I find through that Buffalo nickel?
Close my eyes and wish for a miracle
Taking me back, on a wayward journey
Harnessing the power of the memory

Now I’m getting in my head
A familiar sense of dread
My memories need fixing but
We’re many years too late

I’ve stumbled back upon a dirty one
That would be better laid to rest
What kind of man would I be though
If I didn’t put myself to the test

What will I find through that Buffalo nickel?
Explore my life once more, it’s critical
Taking me back, back to where it all began
To a place where I was such a different man

Love had this extraordinary meaning
I had a family that I would plan
But when that all blew up in smoke
I picked up my coat and just ran

It was a couple of short years ago
Told myself I simply must let go
Lifting the curse of this fateful day
Feeling that my life had now been saved

What will I find through that Buffalo nickel?
A broken man, a record without a needle although
He became a phoenix from the ashes, he was so bold
He threw that coin into a fountain and up he rose
Stronger than before and he saw
The possibilities were endless
All he needed was a little courage
And a coin he no longer kept in his pocket
Bidding adios to painful mementos

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Buffalo Nickel – Poem / Poetry / Song – “Adios to Painful Mementos”

    • Hi there Diana, thank you for taking the time to read the piece, very decent of you. The only music site that I’m currently on is Myspace and that was ten years ago when I made a couple of albums. I want to create newer material with more confident vocals, my lyrics have significantly evolved and matured over time. As you suggested, I am going to look at SoundCloud, in order to read out some of my poems in the near future. I also have future music plans to fit around my writing too, which I will announce on my blog when I find the time later in the year, for now the priority for me is various writing projects. I love that you create so much music on your blog, you’ve been through a lot in life and yet you still want to share and give creatively, that is such a beautiful thing. I really look forward to listening to and appreciating your music. David

  1. Outstanding! I am really surprised…the way your turned a simple piece (buffalo nickel) into an appealing work of art is worthy of praise.

    • A lovely comment – thank you my friend. I always feel like I am somehow cheating when I turn to songs and poetry (because I don’t find them quite as hard as say writing stories or comedy), yet people have responded to them the most favourably, which heartens me dearly. I was inspired to write this piece by listening to the song “Double Vision” by Foreigner, I wonder if people will see any similarities in tone? Only time will tell. Always great to hear from you Uzoma.

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