Where Did You Learn How To Fly? Wait, What, Eh? I Mean, What Are You Best At?

Greetings all.

I fancied a little aside from all of the Daily Prompting and after having a scintillating and very entertaining conversation with The Cheeky Diva, I felt like putting something out there for you, the viewer at home (yes you Einstein!) to participate in.

At first, I was extremely worried when she suggested live shark baiting and smack the grizzly bear on his big ‘ole chunky ass and run as fast as you can but after much soul searching, we decided on this:-

[If you’re going to make cupcakes, this is the way to do it!]

So, when you hear the phrase “What Are You Best At?”, is your first reaction to this question:-

1. Punch the person asking it in the face?


2. Politely tell them never to do it again, spit on their shoes and then punch them in the face? or;

3. Buy them a beer, have a good time with them, answer the question and then when they get really drunk, get them to punch themself in the face?

My my, you’re a violent little bunch aren’t you!

[Stop hitting yourself!]

So, how about we all come up with the three things that we think we’re really good at (the quirkier the better too) because anything is better than sitting here twiddling our thumbs wishing the weekend away.

I’ll go first because it’s my blog, I’m the captain of this vessel and we don’t need a loose cannon on this deck!

1. Eating biscuits – I manage to do that on more days than the Daily Prompts! Haha! Wait….why I not dead yet? Actually that’s how I want to cash in my chips in the future – with a dirty great slice of cheesecake jammed in my eager chops – I won’t fear the reaper baby if I’ve got strawberry heaven to keep me company!

[I like the buttery biscuit base!]

2. Being late and making excuses when I’ve entered the realm of “DaveTime” (patent pending), which is half an hour outside of normal time/space/reality and where all deadlines are pretty much arbitrary. I’ve turned excuse making into an art form in the past (the trick is to include things in them that are both plausible and sometimes slightly disgusting to mention in polite company) but then perhaps this is why I’m a Dreamweaver and Storyteller.

[Now that is smart thinking!]

3. I have an innate ability to rhyme, for me it is second nature, I spread poetry in my prose like it was the finest peanut butter. Now admittedly this is cheating, since I write poetry an awful lot but if you don’t like it you can take a flying f…..lash mop and use it to soak the drool up off your lip!

[Bob by Weird Al Yankovic]

So come one, come all and let me know in the comments section (or even in your own post, link back to this one and I’ll do likewise, you techno whizzkid you):-

a). What you are best at and;
b). Describe in the most humourous way possible why it is that you be the bestest at it.

I’m counting on you brothers and sisters – let’s fill this weekend with fun, fun, fun facts about each other – I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!


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