Poetic Duet With Julianne Victoria – Poem / Poetry – “The Star Within”

Greetings and salutations to you Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’m a lucky man indeed – I have been able to collaborate again with another very talented lady.

I’ve written a poetic duet with the lovely Julianne Victoria.

Julianne has teamed up on poetry in the past with Joe at http://www.iamforchange.wordpress.com/ and I leapt at the chance to work with her.

Julianne is a writer, spiritual counselor and healer, who writes many informative articles that deal with healing, teaching and general well-being.

Her blog can be found at http://www.juliannevictoria.com/ – feel free to follow her and inject a bit of positive energy into your life.

And now for the good stuff, may I present for your viewing pleasure the duet you’ve all be waiting for – off we go!

The Star Within

The Star Within (by TooFullToWrite & Julianne Victoria)

Awaken the spirit and the taste of trust
A star burns under flesh covered bones
Energy builds, emboldening us as it grows
Stories reside within, desiring to be told

The pressure builds, as it wells up inside
Leaking out through our subconscious realm
The battle of the winds in our minds increases
Mystifying and awakening our conscious dreams

Myths become legends, fantasies now realities
At one with our Father’s and Mother’s legacies
Drawing upon their strength and knowledge
Forging a sacred path to honour their lineage

The heritage of the flesh no longer matters
As matter dissolves into the Cosmic Energy
The stories of Father Sun and Mother Moon
Becoming the light of our true spiritual legacy

Proud of choices we make to influence our fate
A mantra cancelling all of our negativity and hate
Fools will not be suffered gladly on our own quests
Pushing all the boundaries, accepting nothing less

And nothing more is there to be found
Once the veils of Maya and Mara come down
Illusions and desires no longer trap our souls
The star within bursts out, we become whole

Pieces of the puzzle now fit snugly into place
Understanding the logic of the human race
Peace and love dwells deep inside all of us
Shower it on others, in their joy we can bask

Bodhisattvas of compassion and love
Angels and spirit guides sent from above
Awakened beings we all are meant to be
Trust the light inside for we need it to see


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