Poem / Poetry – Poetic Duet With Edward Hotspur – “Spiritual Raindrops”

Hello to you, my wonderful friends.

I have something truly amazing for you.

No, I’m not talking about taking my top off and walking like an Egyptian – that’s for another time.

Perhaps after I’ve had a little more wine.

Right now, I’m talking about a poetic duet.

With Edward Hotspur!

I know right! Woooaaaahh Momma! Mercy!

Edward is one seriously talented chap, he blends stream of consciousness writing, comedy, powerful poetry, musings, ramblings and all manner of other things together.

He mixes them all up on his blog and leaves them lying there for visitors to sample his many wares like an artisan cake stall – so many flavours! And they all taste great! He should be called Edward Hotspurbaker! (patent pending)

He has books too you know. I know because I saw them there.

His blog can be found here:- Edward Hotspur

And his poetry blog can be found here:- Lyrical Anarchy!

So, without further ado, may I present to you our collibbylabbyloboration.

Please, hold your screaming and applause for the end…..I said the end! Oh wait, it’s me, sorry, do carry on.

Spiritual Raindrops

Spiritual Raindrops (by TooFullToWrite & Edward Hotspur)

Wrenched from reality to a wistful tune of mute apprehension
Plucked soul petals leaving a ghostly trail of crumbs to follow
Absent friends couldn’t care less, even if they had the chance
The skies cry out engorged, a feast of angry, crystallized marble

Muffled and silenced, the stone wool warms and suffocates
Preventing fires from burning beyond a smolder
Winds disrupt petals, confusing diagonal pathways
Dancing staccato patterns of black white dark light red blood

Renaissance rhythms tinge and then blind the mind’s eye
Until all that is left is a subtle thought, to obey and comply
Through decaying wisdom, new life emerges, taking hold
Rivulets of anxiety run rampant through society, ice cold

Avenging quiet wrongs done in dark shadows
Seasons and minds changing, warming, cooling
Skin’s edge burned like decoupage enclosing
Leaving the composed and tranquil center ready to captivate

Mezmerised and submerged until there’s no turning back
A puzzled countenance coils serpentine, elegantly baroque
Senses bathed, awash with barely restrained temperance
A molten conundrum, seething, roaring ignominously dissonant

Crowded dimensions traveling backwards from the present
Directionless, misguided, but trails, strings, leading to a point
Reality the sum of all pasts and actions, combined and whole
Binding the future with chains of perpetual self-reflection

Help Hastywords to celebrate her blogging anniversary – let’s keep the duets coming!


Fancy a duet with me? Then get hollering and let’s go go go!


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