Poem / Poetry – A Poetic Duet With Fortyoneteen – “Sensual Senses”

Greetings and salutations – you smell nice!

(but then again it is only Monday after all)

So, once more unto the breach my dearest friends – time for me to shake my spear and see what I smash into!

[Ah yes, that will do nicely! (Beyonce – Smash Into You)]

I’ve been working on another collaboration with an amazing woman, we’ve worked together before and it is my pleasure to share our endeavours with you all.

Please check out the blog of Ms Fortyoneteen ladies and gentlemen, for she rocks mightily in many ways and has written some scintillating posts for your delectation (she writes ruddy well is what I mean):-


So, for our masterful piece of romantic verbosity, we used the Daily Prompt of Feeding The Senses because if you’re going to stimulate something then it might as well be things that don’t get you locked up for public indecency.

Enjoy the collaboration and as always, if you would like to write with me then just holler away, I’ll be there for you waiting for your call!

Also, just for fun, who thinks I should write a musical?

I’m tempted to do one and I was just curious how many of you would be keen for me to do one. Drop me a line in the comments afterwards, thank you!

Sensual Senses

Sensual Senses (By TooFullToWrite & Fortyoneteen)

You define my world like nobody else
Can’t begin to untangle you from myself
Treasure, can’t be measured in any way
Missing one day from you seems strange

I try to do more when I find I have less
Keep busy/ignore, the thoughts that suggest
Guarded or not, they search as I hide
Lose balance at once, fall deep in a sigh

Fragile porcelain, a feather in the ocean
Skimming the surface of wary devotion
Committing to your subtle, elegant allure
Thoughts of you blossom, things to adore

Your brow as it lifts, the question it begs
The curve of your mouth, lengthening breaths
So still and so quiet, your calm I embrace
You move with a knowing, a glorious grace

To understand how this attraction works
Is like trying to unravel fabric of the universe
Our fingertips caress each other so gently
Inhibitions melting away, locking gazes intently

Inside the waiting, a promise of much
An intangible something that hungers for touch
This confusion within, this one we can’t see
Ignore common sense, close eyes and just be

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13 thoughts on “Poem / Poetry – A Poetic Duet With Fortyoneteen – “Sensual Senses”

  1. Aw, I sigh…a sweet comfort, much needed on a Monday, thank you both for your beautiful words. As to your question; yes and yes again. I love musicals and am sure one from you would be delightfully devine. 🙂

    • I appreciate the comment very much and so does Fortyoneteen, I’m happy you enjoyed it. I will have to think about doing a musical in the future when things become a little less busy. It will have to be a comedy or have plenty of humour in it, that’s for sure!

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