The Tao of TooFullToWrite – Philosophical Musings on Twitter – Vol. 1

Good day to you all again.

I’ve been prolific on Twitter recently to the point where sometimes it is difficult to turn myself off, so I just tend to keep on going for as long as I can.

I thought it would therefore be fun to start making collections of my famous quipettes to give you an aside from all of the poetry collaborations I have been doing recently.

(I will be doing a lot more poetry team-ups though – they are so much fun!)

So, may I present the first volume of the Tao of TooFullToWrite, with many more to follow!

Random Philosophical musings from the Twitter Vaults – Vol.1


Art enables us to find ourselves.

That must be why so many people are telling me to get lost!


“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Plato

That’s why I begin at the end – no point wasting valuable drinking time.


If you can give your child only one gift, let it be sarcasm.

It’s not as if they thank you for anything anyway & they’ll learn a life skill.


I always really look forward to birthdays.

Particularly if they’re other people’s.


People are like mattresses because if you bounce things off of them then they may eventually blow up in your face if you’re not careful.


If you don’t drive your business then you are probably not enthusiastic.

Or a driving instructor.


An entrepreneur always searches for change.

Especially down the back of the sofa.


I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the business.

But then I’m not the manager.


“Business is the salt of life.” Voltaire

No wonder I am bitter.


The successful man is the one that finds out what’s wrong with

his business and sells it to his competitors before they do.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Hate me because I’ve no idea what I’m talking about.


In this life, I won’t accept anything less than the best.

Unless it’s biscuits, in which case I’ll take anything.


Tips For Girls:- If you want to flirt with a guy, don’t make it too obvious, a brick through his window with a note attached should do the trick.


Night approaches / The evening starts closing in / Outside looks deliciously blacker / Than the pan I fried bacon in.


Until next time folks – thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “The Tao of TooFullToWrite – Philosophical Musings on Twitter – Vol. 1

    • Lol – thanks for that son! Finally started the novel and have a couple of opening paragraphs that I’m happy to continue with. The adventure begins – will have to start writing a little bit for it every night! For now, it’s celebratory chill time with cider, hummus, carrot, some rolls and Rolos! (I’m living the life of luxury)

    • Wow! Alison – you’re back – so good to see you again! I’m really happy that you are blogging again, people will really enjoy reading your words again, we missed you. Thank you for your kinds comments on my Twitter philosophies, I hope to continue writing a lot more of them, my blog needs more comedy to compliment the story writing. I am also writing loads of collaborative poems now with many talented people, I hope you get the chance to read and enjoy them too. I’m now following you on Twitter too. Take care and look forward to hearing more from you and your blog posts. David

      • Thank you David,
        That is so very kind of you. I missed everyone and writing while I was away. I spent a lot of time working on a personal writing project and maybe if I gain the courage I can share it someday.
        I look forward to reading more of your tweets and of course the poetry. You are a great writer and I enjoy your blog.
        Your support has always meant a lot to me! = )

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